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World Class Remote: Members Newsletter 02.

mattsmithies profile image Matt Smithies ・3 min read

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Good afternoon world-class remoters.

I've taken a bit of a break these last couple of days to take a retrospective of this project and what I want to achieve.

Everyone has their own story entering the world of remote work, but globally we have now transitioned into the next phase where living a remote life will become commonplace.

Writing remarkable content

So far I've laid the groundwork for the overall direction and foundation, I feel fortunate to have such a positive response from friends and family.

The overall theme is focused broadly on these themes:

  • Dealing with your mental health and mindset.
  • Building up a personal brand.
  • Winning work and building relationships with your clients.

Given the current situation that the world is facing with COVID-19 there is unprecedented demand to adjust to remote life, as such the focus is going to create content around helping such individuals.

Furthermore, it is important to reduce the amount of new content that is sent out to subscribers. I don't want to overwhelm and given my limited budget I want the content to be as high quality or remarkable as possible.

Removing all subscriptions

I've decided to remove all pricing for the website entirely for the foreseeable future. I want to focus purely on creating content that'll help as many people as possible.

There will be a slack workspace, to discuss & ask questions around navigating the challenges of remote life, anyone is allowed to join from this invite link.

There will be the occasional post that can only be accessed by members that have signed in, see below for more details.

We'll see where this adventure takes us.

There is a time and place for pricing and subscriptions particularly when it comes down to issues of personal accountability commitment.

Highlights this week

These are the posts that have come out over the week, all of them are free to read but the final case study is viewable for signed-in users.

What's coming up in the coming week?

This is the primary topic will be the focus for World-Class Remote over the next week:

Habits that help keep you sane and productive whilst being remote.

These are the kind of items that will be included.

  • Frontloading of work, making decisions the day before.
  • Keeping to a schedule, "trying" not to overwork.
  • Taking time out of the day to catch some fresh air.
  • Tools and techniques which are useful in technical remote teams.

If you want to reach out with any problems you are facing with your remote work, hit reply and let's have a chat.

Thank you for reading.


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