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Why having self-esteem is crucial for starting independent work

mattsmithies profile image Matt Smithies ・3 min read

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Starting your remote journey is hard, not just because of the work involved but having the initial self-belief that you are capable of success.

Believing in yourself.

Believing that you are capable of being successful.

Your mind telling you that you don't deserve success, that this dream is beyond your capabilities. Success is for the more fortunate, the lucky.

It can be paralysing, stopping you from making any progress, pulling you back from even starting.

You won't have anyone pushing you, there will not be any seemingly negative fallout, and no one to keep you truly accountable.

You will be be your own last line of defence. Which is scary.

The truth is you can have all of the directions and advice in the world, layed out in front of you, but it can be all for nothing.

If you aren't careful your progress can collapse around you, like a house of cards.

Having a strong sense of self-esteem is the keystone to start and maintain your journey. Without it, you will succumb.

There are times you will doubt yourself, this is natural, but it is extremely important to stay consistent. Slowly building up your work, becoming more proficient, bringing your vision into the world.

The precusor of imposter syndrome

As you gain more validation from those around, as you deliver more good work for your clients you'll grow. You'll gain more confidence, you'll believe in your abilities more and more.

As mentioned in a previous post imposter syndrome will never leave you the feeling of low self-esteem will slowly disappear.

Remember yourself, and how long the journey will take

I can't directly help you, I don't know your history, and there isn't a magic spell that you can cast to instantly become an overnight success.

This journey is pure graft, it takes time, it will take years for everything to fall into place.

So start your journey today, practice a little, move your needle forward, everyday.

Photo by Gaelle Marcel / Unsplash

I urge you to share your work, your portfolio, your website with your friends and family.

Ask for feedback, adjust and validation will come. As humans we crave comfort and communication. We want to know that our actions are good, are helpful.

Make your belief in yourself, your foundations, strong.

The fact is if you will be rejected by countless jobs, by projects, interviews will go badly, you'll voluteer time and create proposals that won't pan out, people will believe that you won't be a good fit for them. Some people will underestimate you, but you can't control that.

Many of these people you meet will feel the same anxieties, we all have our own invisible history.

They don't know what you are capable of. They don't know you.

If you can learn to hold on to an internal strength, believe in yourself, that is one battle you have full control over, you can win.

Start your remote journey. Keep moving. Keep going strong.

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