Write With Me (Day 1)

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Starting today, July 1, I'm going to write every day for 5 min. I was inspired to try this by Josh Adam's tweet, which told me about this new app he discovered called writingstreak.io.


Thanks Josh!

My main goal is to write more technical content. The main thing I'm excited about with this tool is getting myself inspired to write daily. With other things going on, it is easy to ignore writing down my thoughts daily or following up on technical blog posts.

Though I may not use this tool exclusively for dev/tech content it will be a great reminder for me to write daily. I'm going to add it to my 'daily' bookmarks bar, so I will see it every day.

I used winingstreak.io for the first time today. I actually ended up using it to write this post. I'm committing to writing a short post every day for next 7 days. This being day 1. I hope you will join me in getting your write on!

Here's a preview of writingstreak.io in action!

Inside the writingstreak.io app

I hope this web app can give you a little bit of inspiration to write daily as well. Is it hard for you to write daily? If you have managed a long-term blog before, I'd love to hear how you stayed committed or inspired!

Day 2: Write With Me (Day 2)

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Thanks for sharing! I found the link to be "writingstreak.io" instead of "winningstreak.io".

But you have your mind in the right place, by writing as little as 5 min a day you WILL be winning! :D


Oh my. Thanks for catching this!


Also, there's "winingstreak.io". Honestly, I'm not nitpicking, just giving you some helpful feedback.

I love constructive feedback. Always looking to fix mistakes, and for ways to improve. Thanks Stargator! Feel free to give me feedback any time! I might just count fixing these as my day 2 writing. Am I a cheater? :P


Well damn, that looks like an interesting challenge, I'm up.

As mentioned, thanks for sharing, let's see if I can keep up!


I'm on day 2, and I'm not sure what to write about. Good luck! :)