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A list of board games and party games you can play online

With everyone staying at home due to coronavirus, a lot of people who are into board games are talking about how we can carry on playing games together when we can't physically meet. It turns out there are quite a few online platforms and a lot of games can be easily adapted to the internet.

I think playing online is a good way to stay connected with friends even though our daily lives have been so disrupted by self isolation and lockdowns. With that in mind, I thought I'd compile all the suggestions I've seen into one list:

🎲Online board games and party games list🎲

These games work best if you start a voice call (e.g. via discord) to talk to each other while playing.

I was already familiar with Board Game Arena, and it has a good set of games, but unfortunately it's very overloaded right now. I can also vouch for Jackbox Party Packs which are fun party games that are meant to be played in the same room, but I've successfully played them over a video call before. There are also lots of websites that focus on specific games such as Pretend you're xyzzy (Cards Against Humanity) or

Some of the websites don't include the rules, so if you want to try out a game you haven't played before, I recommend looking up the rulebook on BoardGameGeek.

If you already own a bunch of games, some of them can work over the internet if you set up a top down camera to show the board.

I also came across a list of improv games that work over video conferencing from Pamela Fox. I haven't tried any of these yet but they sound like they would be fun to play.

If you have any more suggestions please add them to the list!

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Ami Scott (they/them)

I love to play scribble with my teams!

It's been a go-to way to de-stress or hang out a bit. Gets everyone laughing and having fun.

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Super Mario Bros Game

Thanks for share great game: skribblio

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Super Mario Bros Game • Edited

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Thanks you.

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Patsy J. Moore

Looking to know more of your list for your next post.

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What more would you like to know? The list is still available here: