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My Journey into the Future of Coding with Project IDX

Yo fellow coders! Google recently dropped something crazy called Project IDX that's gonna change the game for how we build apps. I was lucky enough to try out the public preview and lemme tell ya, it blew my mind. In this post I'll give you the lowdown on my journey making a word counter app with Project IDX. Buckle up cause it's gonna be a wild ride!

What is Project IDX Anyway?

Alright, Project IDX is basically a browser-based workspace for coding apps powered by an AI called Codey. This lil' AI is trained on all kinds of code and can generate and suggest code for you as you work. The goal is to make it super easy to build and deploy web and mobile apps without leaving your browser. We're talking React, Flutter, Python - all the good stuff. It's in public preview now so go get on the waitlist!

Building My App: The Process

I decided to build a simple word counter app with Flutter and Python. Wanted to see how Codey could help me out. Here's how it went down...

Step 1: New Project Time

Started off by using their handy dandy template for Flutter + Python. Gave me a basic setup with my main.dart and files. Easy breezy.

Step 2: Coding with My AI Homie

This is where Codey helped me start crankin' out code fast. I would describe something I needed like "text input with a count button" and boom - Codey generates the Flutter code for me. It was wild. I also had Codey make endpoints, write tests, all kinds of stuff. Really freed me up to think bigger picture. Of course Codey isn't perfect, I had to fix some things here and there. But overall, super helpful partner!

Image description

Step 3: Previewing on All Devices

Once I had my basic app going, I tested it out right there in the browser on desktop, Android, and iOS. I could see how it looked on different screens and tweak as needed. The live previews were clutch for catching issues early.

Step 4: Ship It!

Last step was deploying this puppy. With Project IDX, all I had to do was connect my Google Cloud account, click deploy, and boom - I had a live URL for my app! How easy is that?!

Why Project IDX is Dope for All Coders

Alright, lemme break it down for you - Project IDX makes coding way faster, easier, and more collaborative. Having Codey as my AI coding buddy let me focus on the logic and not stress syntax details. I could build an advanced app in no time! This opens up possibilities for newbies and experts alike. I'm pumped to see where Project IDX takes us next. All coders need to get on this train!

This is WebView :

Image description

And this is Android :

Image description

So that's my Project IDX journey! Let me know if you have any other questions. And seriously, go sign up for that waitlist and get ready for the future!

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