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fkill - (imo) best way to kill processes // Cool GitHub projects

I will start with the biggest disadvantage of this app - fkill is written in JS using Node.js. To be clear - JS is not my enemy, I'm not using that stack, so I had to install npm and so on.

GitHub logo sindresorhus / fkill-cli

Fabulously kill processes. Cross-platform.


Fabulously kill processes. Cross-platform.

Build Status

Works on macOS, Linux, and Windows.


$ npm install --global fkill-cli


$ fkill --help

    $ fkill [<pid|name> …]

    --force -f    Force kill
    --verbose -v  Show process arguments
    --silent -s   Silently kill and always exit with code 0

    $ fkill 1337
    $ fkill safari
    $ fkill :8080
    $ fkill 1337 safari :8080
    $ fkill

  To kill a port, prefix it with a colon. For example: :8080.

  Run without arguments to use the interactive interface.
  In interactive mode, 🚦n% indicates high CPU usage and 🐏n% indicates high memory usage.

  The process name is case insensitive.

Interactive UI

Run fkill without arguments to launch the interactive UI.




npm install --global fkill-cli


  • kill process by pid - fkill 1337 (nothing fancy)
  • kill process by name - fkill firefox (like killall)
  • kill process by port - fkill :8080 - will kill process which uses port 8080, super cool feature
  • interactive mode - fkill - shows all processes, search bar, ports used by each process, memory usage and CPU usage
  • -f to force kill


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