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Prisma "null or does not exists"

I've been using Prisma on my latest project Karaoke Tools and as crazy as it may seem, I did not find any easy way (like a plugin) to handle soft delete behaviour.

So I had to tweak it myself manually and ending up in a case where

  • deletedAt can be null
  • deletedAt can NOT exist

This is because I'm using mongo and no default value for deletedAt.

This filtering in Prisma is not handled by default (like deletedAt: null so I had to do it with an OR request.

const items = await prisma.event.findMany({
    where: filters: {
      OR: [{ deletedAt: { isSet: false } }, { deletedAt: null }],

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As it took me almost an hour to find this (chatGPT not being helpful), I wrote this article.


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