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1 line of code: How to shallow clone an Array

const shallowClone = arr => arr.slice(0); 
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Creates a shallow-copied clone of the provided array. Since it's a shallow copy, nested objects or arrays will be copied by reference, not duplicated.

The repository & npm package

You can find the all the utility functions from this series at
The library is also published to npm as @onelinecode for your convenience.

The code and the npm package will be updated every time I publish a new article.

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lukeshiru profile image

You can also do:

const shallowClone = array => [...array];
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Which can be faster


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martin krause Author • Edited on

Thank you for sharing! Yes, there are multiple other ways to shallow clone an array in javascript. As so often in programming, at one point you have to choose ;)

I run benchmarks before posting and .slice(0) was the fastest on my machine. The you posted comes up with 76,280 ops/s for .slice(0) and 70,030 ops/s for spread - but I think the difference is negligible. Depending on the engine and the environment it can easily be the other way around.


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I read: shadow clone (jutsu). My bad.

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Ben Halpern

Keep up the series!