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Cover image for "El Carrillon" project  featured in the RaspberryPi magazine MagPi

"El Carrillon" project featured in the RaspberryPi magazine MagPi

Mariano Martinez Peck
Smalltalk developer and OOP evangelist. Interested in IoT, Edge Computing, Single Board Computers, Docker, etc. PhD in Computer Science.
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Some time ago I blogged about a fantastic project Gerardo Richarte and I were doing with an 18-bell tower located in Argentina.

Back then, I showed some details of the architecture, code, and how I mocked-up “El Carrillon” with a homemade LED piano so I could test it at home.

Later on, I wrote another post, where you can see it running live and read some great news about the project (including an award!).

In this quick post, I am so happy to share with you some BIG NEWS:

El Carrillon is the first VASmalltalk IoT project to appear as a showcase in the official RaspberryPi magazine, The MagPi!. It was a pleasure for me to work on the project with Gerardo Richarte, and thanks to Instantiations for their support!

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