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Share your principles?

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Depending on one's level of proficiency and availability, the amount of time and effort invested may vary. ⏰

1. Make it work 💡
It is imperative to first fulfill the necessary requirements, utilizing any means necessary, whether it be through quick and efficient methods or more elaborate and refined approaches. The most important aspect is that the solution is functional and serves its purpose, as a non-operational solution is of no value.

2. Make it right ✅
Once the basic requirements have been met, it is important to consider the long-term maintainability, legibility, and efficiency of the solution. Making the solution easy to understand, modify, and improve in the future allows for greater flexibility and adaptability. Additionally, optimizing the solution for performance and minimizing resource usage can enhance its overall effectiveness. However, it is important to note that this should only be done if time and resources permit, as the primary objective should always be to fulfill the basic requirements

3. Make it fast 🌪
Finally, after ensuring that the solution meets the necessary requirements and is maintainable, it is important to focus on optimizing performance. This can include implementing techniques to make the software run faster, running tests to ensure that it is functioning correctly, and analyzing metrics to identify areas for improvement. This step will help to ensure that the solution is reliable, efficient, and able to handle any anticipated load or usage.

Whats your principles?

How can I improve mine?



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