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Vue Theme for iTerm2 + oh-my-zsh

Vue Theme for iTerm 2 and ZSH

Vue Theme in your terminal.



First, clone the repo via git:

$ git clone

Install iTerm Theme

  1. Launch iTerm 2. Get the latest version at
  2. Click on iTerm2 menu title
  3. Select Preferences... option
  4. Select Profiles
  5. Navigate to Colors tab
  6. Click on Color Presets
  7. Click on Import
  8. Select the vue-theme.itermcolors file
  9. Return to Color presets and select Vue-Theme
  10. Restart your terminal.

Install oh-my-zsh Theme

  1. Drop the vue-theme.zsh-theme file in to the ~/.oh-my-zsh/themes/ directory.
  2. Open up your ZSH preferences
   $ open ~/.zshrc
  1. Change the theme variable to ZSH_THEME=vue-theme.
  2. Restart your terminal.


I created this theme for iTerm2 + ohmyzsh because the Vue Theme has reached 30500 installations in VS_Code.
If you liked this project, contribute improvements or visit the project on GitHub.⭐️

Thank you, I hope you like it 😊

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