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Vue Theme - Theme for Visual Studio Code inspired by Vue.js

mariorodeghiero profile image Mario Rodeghiero Updated on ・1 min read

I created this theme for Visual Studio Code inspired by Vue.js,
with support for more popular languages, trying to maintain a perfect harmony of colors.


Currently with +59000 installs in the Visual Studio Code editor

Vue theme


All the colors in this theme have an intensity for the user to work for hours, reducing visual fatigue and having an excellent coding experience.

Vue theme

Syntax Highlight:

Vue theme


  1. Open Extensions sidebar panel in VS Code: View → Extensions
  2. Search for Vue Theme - by Mário Rodeghiero
  3. Click Install to install it.
  4. Click Reload to reload the your editor
  5. Code > Preferences > Color Theme > Vue Theme

You can know a little more by accessing the web page Vue Theme or Marketplace.

If you liked this Theme, make your evaluation in the Marketplace or give me a star ⭐️ in GitHub, as it is important to improve the ranking.
Thank you, I hope you like it 😊

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Mario Rodeghiero


Self-taught Front-End Developer. #ReactJS #styeled-components #Javascript #electronjs


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Nice! Feels like solarized but with more Vue. Started to use Vuepress for one of my websites, very excited about it.


Thanks 😁, test and then leave a comment on how the experience was.


Looking good so far. The only thing I can see might be a problem is the contrast between the light blue text and the Screen Reader Optimized green rectangle. this is when editor.accessibilitySupport is on

I'll see if I can find where I can improve. Would you have a print so I can visualize better? you could open an issue directly in the repository, so it will appear in the changelog of the next release.
thanks for the feedback ✌🏼


Thanks, I hope you like ✌️


Outstanding! Easy to quickly identify a file type. Thanks man!


Thanks, if you have any idea to improve the theme, open an issue, I try to improve it ✌🏼


Looks beautiful!, I'll install it later :3


Thanks, Then comment on what you thought of the theme and leave your evaluation. If you have ideas to make it better, open an issue or contribute to the project. See you later ✌️