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(n)vi(m): look and feel plugins

Last time I blogged about my basic nvim settings, this time I would like to share all the plugins I use as a heads-up-display when editing text.

1) vim-airline/vim-airline

vim-airline will draw a statusline at the bottom of each window indicating information relevant to file itself, like detected type, encoding, path and vim stuff like modes, pressed keys or columns number.

vim-airline is the foundation for literally all the plugins I currently use that are going to be listed below.

2) ryanoasis/vim-devicons

vim-devicons adds file type icons to vim, usually displayed on the statusline and in combination with other plugins like controlp. A really important thing about this plugin is the that you must use a patched nerd font compatible one. My current favorite is Fura Code, I also enable ligatures on iterm2 when selecting this font.

3) airblade/vim-gitgutter

vim-gitgutter shows a git diff in the gutter to indicate added, changes and removed lines.

The configuration I use is:

set updatetime=500
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4) mkitt/tabline.vim

tabline.vim allows displaying succint tabs and as expected it supports the usual g commands to navigate them.

5) NLKNguyen/papercolor-theme

papercolor-theme defines color schemes. The configuration I use is:

set termguicolors
set background=dark
colorscheme PaperColor
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In practice all of this combined looks like this!

nvim look and feel plugins

Productivity plugins are next!

The more you know

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