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Azure Functions University - CosmosDB Lesson (.NET Core)

CosmosDB Lesson .NET Core

Hi serverless friends, we have a new Azure Functions University lesson for you! In this lesson we will learn how to use the CosmosDB trigger & bindings in Azure Functions written in .NET Core 3.1.


You can find the lesson on GitHub: CosmosDB Trigger & Bindings (.NET Core).

And you can watch the video on YouTube:

The lesson consists of the following exercises:

Nr Exercise
0 Prerequisites
1 Setup the Azure Cosmos DB Emulator
2 Using the Cosmos DB output binding
3 Using the Cosmos DB input binding
4 Creating a Cosmos DB Trigger function
5 Deploying to Azure
6 Using Azure Key Vault for storing the connection string
7 Using Dependency Injection pattern for Cosmos DB connection
8 Homework

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