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re: This is a really insensitive response. Crying is a human emotion. When you are dealing with difficult times crying is very healthy ways to deal wit...

Lindsey, I'm pretty sorry.
I didn't mean you are an unstable person, I just was concerned about you, suffering. If cry helps you, great, I'm with you. Really.

I have a bad background because of my wife crying because of her boss being too tough (yelling and insulting) at her (and her tolerating this.)
My words were because, I think, nobody should ever need to cry because of the job we are doing.
As I said, that wasn't criticism, it was a real concern about your wellness, not anything else.

I know (by my wife experience) that work issues may be harder for women, not because of them, but because some people shows more contempt (disdain, scorn; I'm not an English speaker) with women and I can't accept that; and I think nobody should ever accept that.

I'm not a "macho" guy, I just think one has the right to do her/his job without the need to be in a position were one needs to cry (or suffer). (I cry, I cry a lot, but it is when I have a problem with my kids that I don't know how to handle. And yes, I resort to professional help in that case. And they help, that's why I mention it.)

So... sorry, I'm really sorry. I'm not insensitive, perhaps I'm too much sensitive. Crying, for me, is feeling bad, and I don't want anybody feeling bad because of a job, there are much more important things in life. (Now I see crying is like a scape valve for you, fine.)

Again, I'm pretty sorry, obviously I wasn't able to express myself correctly.


Thank you, Manuel! I really appreciate the heartfelt apology. It seems like it really was a misunderstanding and miscommunication.

For clarity, which I will edit in my post to make it more clear, there is a difference with using crying as a temporary release vs uncontrollable crying and/or depression from continually being sad.

The way it came across to me at first was crying is always bad, I must be crazy, etc etc.

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