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Vite - found the missing part

Vite is a build tool that aims to provide a faster and leaner development experience for modern web projects.
The meaning of vite comes to the French word for "quick" 🇫🇷.
I love 😍 vite but something was missing 😕. how to run tests?
Yesterday vitest was open source 🍾.
Vitest is a blazing fast new unit test framework powered by Vite.
Given Jest's massive adoption, Vitest provides a compatible API that allows you to replace Jest in most projects.
Vitest includes the most common features required when setting up your unit tests (mocking, snapshots, coverage).
Vitest cares a lot about performance and uses Worker threads to run as much as possible in parallel.

Lets take vitest for a ride 🏎.

First we create new vite project

pnpm create vite

lets add vitest

pnpm i -D vitest

in src directory we will add a test file App.test.js
we will add a simple test to check its works

it('basic', () => {
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in package json we will add 2 scripts

"test": "vitest",
"coverage": "vitest --coverage"
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lets run

npm run test

and we check step one.

How can we test react component?
We can use react-test-renderer or testing-library/react.
I prefer testing-library.
For that please install

pnpm i -D @testing-library/react

and happy-dom or jsdom.
We need to rename the test file from js to jsx.
We need to edit vite.config.js and add

test: {
    environment: "happy-dom", // or 'jsdom', 'node'
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now let's create simple react component

function SimpleText () {
  return <h1>Hello World</h1>
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it('basic react with testing library', () => {
    const { getByText } = render(<SimpleText />)
    expect(getByText('Hello World')).toBeTruthy()
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That all. it's working.

In conclusion, I'm very happy about vetest.
It feels like the missing piece was found.
For more information
Home | Vite
Home | Vitest
Example | vite test via vitest
Enjoy 🥃.

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