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Switch Button Magic By Framer Motion

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How to create an animated switch button in React?
First, we install tailwindcss for this job
There will be two elements in the switch button: a container and a bull.

cursor-pointer w-16 h-10 flex items-center bg-gray-300 rounded-full p-1
bg-white w-8 h-8 rounded-full shadow-md

It's that easy to have a static switch button.
now we need to add click behavior.
lets create a simple use state hook to toggle active state.
const [isSelected, setSelected] = useState(false)
on container we will add click handler
onClick={() => setSelected(!isSelected)}
and interactive css

${isSelected ? 'bg-red-500 justify-end' : 'justify-start'}
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Take it for a test.
its working but something is missing.
Yes, animation, are you ready for the magic 🪄?
Change the bull div to be motion div.
Add the magic layout property.
ta dam 🎉🎉🎉 you have a nice switch button.

you can see and play with the code - run in terminal - npm run build && npm run preview.

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