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Change any url file type: like customer.php to customer.[yourname]

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Hello friends,
You can do this by making little changes to your apache .htacess.

It's fun. You can show customer.php as customer.asp or customer.manish ( here Manish is my name).

You can use it in your production but

In general, security by obscurity is one of the weakest forms of security. But in some cases, every little bit of extra security is desirable.

A few simple techniques can help to hide PHP, possibly slowing down an attacker who is attempting to discover weaknesses in your system. By setting expose_php to off in your php.ini file, you reduce the amount of information available to them.

You can learn more about here...


# Make PHP code look like unknown types
AddType application/x-httpd-php .bop .foo .133t

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How does this relate to Javascript?


I believe if it can work with HTML then it should be with any client side . However, I have never tried but as per given link you can see they require html files extension should be renamed as desired


It's just that you've tagged this specifically with #javascript?


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Regret the inconveniences. However, I am trying to build an OSINT for Human Race Health. It's just a call. This is kind of template. Size is fixed