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Andrés Baamonde Lozano
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Multithread queue

This implementation details a queue of functions, it will be executed depending of the number of threads if number of threads is one, it be a queue of executions.


import queue
import threading

class Process(object):
    def _get_function(self):
        return self.__function

    def _set_function(self, value):
        if not callable(value):
            raise TypeError("function must be callable")
        self.__function = value
    __function = None
    function = property(_get_function, _set_function)

    def _get_params(self):
        return self.__params

    def _set_params(self, value):
        if type(value) is not list:
            raise TypeError("params must be a list of parameters")
        self.__params = value
    __params = None
    params = property(_get_params, _set_params)

    def __repr__(self):
        return str(self.params) + str(self.function)

class MultithreadQueue(object):
    def __init__(self, thread_number=10, callback_insert=None, callback_get=None):
        self._queue = queue.Queue()
        self.threads = []
        self._cb_insert = callback_insert
        self._cb_get = callback_get
        for i in range(thread_number):
            t = threading.Thread(

    def append(self, function, params):
        p = Process()
        p.function = function
        p.params = params

    def run(self):
        while True:
            element = self._queue.get(block=True)
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queue = MultithreadQueue()
for i in range(1,10):
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rhymes profile image
rhymes • Edited

Cool Andrés! A very simple and understandable implementation of a thread pool.

You might be interest in the ThreadPoolExecutor.

It's similar to your MultithreadQueue but you can also get results from the submitted functions and shutdown the pool. Check it out, it's been part of Python since version 3.2