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Looking for Proverbs websites and APIs

Andrés Baamonde Lozano
Bohemian Developer
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Proverbs are something very characteristic across regions among the world, every proverb has a huge component of popular culture. People knows proverbs of their region but, probably igonres proverbs of a nearby region despite of they are on the same language. This is my main reason why i started building this app. Retrieving and preserving the maximum number of proverbs possible of any language and region, and help a bit sharing this part of popular culture.

I started a few months ago with a toy. I built a telegram bot which shares Galician proverbs(my native language). It has 2 main functions:

  • A subscription (sends you a random proverb each day).

Alt Text

  • A inline search to send on chats proverbs.

Current bot

Telegram bot was built with pyTelegramBotAPI a quite simple library. I strongly redommend it if you want to quick setup a python bot.

The project

So, my idea is storing proverbs and share it citing the original source. As a second iteration of the project i would like to make a form wich enable to anyone send proverbs to my database and mark it as a draft. But before runing we need to walk, the PVM is the website wich only shows the proverbs. Because the bot i built months ago can be integrated easily with other languages/databases, so in this point there is no much work to do.

Of course, i am a developer. All the proverbs that i will be retrieving and indexing i will be exposed it via API, so anyone can integrate other apps on it. Code will be open source, i will publish it in my Github. But firstly i would like to publish web with a few of websites retrieved and indexed.

Why i´m asking for help ?

Simple, i know proverbs websites on my native languages (Galician, spanish). But on other languages i dont.

Do you known a cool site with proverbs i can query/scrap/API in your respectives native languages? A website that you can query, in which I do not break any law: P

Some questions/ feedback

  • What do you think about this project, do you consider it usefull ?
  • Do you consider usefull the website that i previously describe ?
  • and finally, what do you think about the bot?

Thank you for reading me! :D

Discussion (2)

catboxer profile image
Cat Boxer

This is a great idea. I don't know of a site that shows regional proverbs but wondering where you are with this project now. Could I use part of it to have people add their own proverbs?

mandrewcito profile image
Andrés Baamonde Lozano Author

Web is on an proof of concept version ( You can porpouse a new proverb proposal to any language. For now there is no revison to pass proposals to definitive proverbs :(. I was thinking on a likes based system but for now is not implemented.

There are also two telegram bots @MrProverbBot (uses mrproverb com) and @RefraneiroBot (only galician).

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