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Manbir Singh Marwah
Manbir Singh Marwah

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OpenEDU: The Open Source Education Initiative 📚

I've started an educational initiative: OpenEDU, a GitHub repository with learning resources for 60+ engineering subjects, including notes, e-books, presentations and more. 📚

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📚 The Open Source Education Initiative – a repository with resources for 60+ engineering subjects. Let's make education more open and accessible! 🚀✨


👋 Welcome to OpenEDU! We are an open source community contributing to compile a collection of learning resources for Computer Science / IT enthusiasts, or anyone who finds these resources useful to learn something new. 💖

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Useful links to tutorials and guides:

...feel free to add more to the list! 💯

Wish to contribute to this repository? You're the real MVP 🤩✨

Notes, eBooks, or any type of learning resources are welcome for contribution to this repository so that students from across the 🌏 could be benefited. Make sure to add the resource(s) to their respective subject directory (create one if it doesn't already exist).

Here are the steps to help you along 📜

1. Fork This Repository 🍴

You can get your own fork/copy of OpenEDU by…

Purpose behind this...

  • To make Computer Science education more open, free and accessible to the world. 🌎
  • To demonstrate the wild potential of open source to beginners. 🚀
  • To make remote education more achievable during COVID⁠—19 slowdown. 🐛

Originally, I started this initiative about 2 years ago as "ACM BVP Digital Library" for my community. 👩‍💻👨‍💻
It was merely a Drive folder until I realized how a wider audience of learners could be benefited through the resources, so I converted it into a GitHub repository. 💡

So far, we have a number of helpful contributions to the repository along with 100+ stars. To help me out with the initiative, spread a word about the initiative and help this reach out to anyone that might get benefited by the learning resources. Contributions to the repository are more than welcome; notes, e-books, guides, anything that you think could be useful to make learning fun!

Let's make CS education more open and accessible for all! ❤︎

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Education is hard work which must be applied in real life. It's cool when there is such a database with useful materials. I also use to get some help. I'm a future doctor, and sometimes I need some help with nursing tasks. To my mind, education materials must be available for every student.