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Ryota Murakami
Ryota Murakami

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I don't want to see posts like "Which Framework is Winner?"

I happened to see my past post, but the quality is awful.
Below is the link 📲

I am a React Developer.
The title is totally doesn't make sense me at Sep 14, 2018 ʅ(◞‿◟)ʃ

Anyway I'd like to write my opinion again.

Behind this article, there is a context of those days.
That is Vue Passes React's Star Count on GitHub.

So I wanna claim that to be clear, Library authors doesn't have working motivation sort of who want to dominate the market share.
They are focusing on how to provide the way for enhance software development.


We don't have to post like "Which Framework is Winner?".
Because there is no looser, there are various way of software development.
I think It's so colorful 🌈

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I dont even look at start count. You use the right framework for you.

Vue is quick and easy to setup, which probably leads to it being in more hobby projects. More installs means more people interacting with the repo, leading to more stars.

React/Angular take a bit more time, but are used heavily in production environments now. Once its set up, developers aren't going to the git repo frequently at all, therefore less stars despite heavy use.

Its pointless looking at star count without looking at the context surrounding it. Use what you like or need to use 🤷‍♀️

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Ryota Murakami Author

Thanks at comment 😀 I agree with that!
Problem is newbie couldn't make decision what stuff is good for me🤔

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wanzulfikri • Edited on

Yeah, beginners will undoubtedly search for something like “React vs Vue - which one is the best?” and decide based on the opinions they happen to find on the first page of Google.

Picking a library/framework feels like investing in a long-term non-liquid property at times and it appears as if there’s no turning back once you’ve chosen one.

And this is exacerbated further by some developers demonstrating partisan behaviours and constantly engage in framework wars rather than telling beginners to focus on the fundamentals, choose either of the framework, and get things done.

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Ryota Murakami Author

Cool, Your insight is really perceptive 🏹
Yes, actually webdev community and internet world having above downside and dilemma.

One of the things I can do as a webdev is to get along with people in other communities and don't criticize specific tool etc..

That's a little things though, thank you so much !😆

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No worries, just sharing my opinions.

There’s value in criticism but most of us (including myself) are not good and not objective enough at giving one.

And thanks for writing this post. I appreciate the discussion that emerges from it.

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Saugat Rai

Yeah, I agree too. They just divert minds of young developers that are trying to learn new frame work but instead gets confused on what to choose.