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Soham Malakar
Soham Malakar

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Complete Interview Experience: Informatica

Around the month of April, Informatica had visited our University for hiring Interns.

There was a total of 6 rounds in the whole selection process:

  • Online Aptitude Round
  • Online Coding Round
  • 1st Technical Round
  • 2nd Technical Round
  • 3rd Technical Round
  • HR Interview

Online Aptitude Round

A total of 300 students were shortlisted for this round.

In this round we had to solve Multiple choice questions pertaining to computer fundamentals such as: C programming language, Database Management Systems, Operating Systems, Data Structure and Algorithms. There were 30 questions to be solved in 45 minutes.

Online Coding Round

Out of the initial 300 students, only 29 were shortlisted for this round.

We were given 4 questions to solve which most likely resembled:

1st Technical Round

This was the first face to face real-time interview held the next day from 9am in the morning. I was asked about the details I had provided in my resume.

Following which I had to share my coding screen with the interviewer. They asked to code on puzzles related to Stacks, Linked List, Recursion and Binary Trees. There was no constrain on the programming language and it was the discretion of the interviewee to select the programming language. Around five to six coding questions were asked.

Since I was coding in Java, the interviewer asked me questions on Java fundamentals. After which general computer fundamentals questions were asked on topics learnt in B. Tech course.

This interview lasted for 45 minutes.

2nd Technical Round

This was second face to face interview held on the same day at 3pm.

After summarizing my resume, I was required to share my coding screen again for testing my technical skills. I was asked some advanced questions on advanced topics of Linked List and Trees. There were also a few puzzles which took some time to solve. Around five questions were again asked in this round.

Following which, we moved on to the computer fundamental round, where I was asked questions on Operating Systems, Database Management Systems and Data Structures and Algorithms.

This round lasted for around an hour.

3rd Technical Round

Around 5pm, the third face to face interview was scheduled.

Similar to the previous two rounds, first I was supposed to summarize my resume in 2 minutes. This time I had to share my whole screen to the interviewer. I was asked around 3 coding questions related to Sorting, Searching and Heap.

Following which I was asked fundamental questions on C and Java. A few of the questions were also comparative in nature.

HR Interview

Finally, around 7pm, I had my HR interview.

As expected, this was completely different from the Technical Rounds. Over here I was asked subjective and existential questions as to determine what kind of person I am. My resume was meticulously scanned and I was asked questions on the details provided on it.

The round ended around 8pm.


The next day around 12 noon I received a mail inviting me to join an online video conference to congratulate the interns who were selected as Interns.

Finally, I got selected as an Intern for Informatica !!

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