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I can register a domain and donate that. I use a lot of VMs for development, so I don't like to use Electron apps too much. Haven't used it yet, but I do have hosting I don't really use for anything.


I would love to consider this offer 😍😍😍

Anyway, I love GitHub and believe a good open source project doesn't require a domain. People will love the service just the way it is. Right now, I'm really curious about Postwoman because of your support and love. Currently I need some time to figure out how much Postwoman can help my fellow devs. I would love to have a talk with you. I'm available on Twitter @liyasthomas.

I love open source. For more than 4 years I've been working on open source, while living off savings. I'm on PayPal now as my savings are slowly running out & I need your help to continue my efforts 💖


I don't have Twitter anymore, but I went ahead and sent something via PayPal. My DMs here should be open, though.

Making a donation means a lot to me. Its because of guys like you, the world gets more smiles ✨💜

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