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Discussion on: Whats the most irritating "if statement condition" that you've come across?

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In C#, you'd probably have a property like .Result or .IsValid, and although Result is ambiguous, I see it often enough, especially with async methods. To make it less ambiguous, validate() would be CheckIfObjIsValid(myObj).Result, but that's a debate about naming conventions (and part of why I made this post).

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Scott Hannen • Edited on

Someone might read this and wonder why you split hairs over something seemingly trivial. But focus on these tiny decisions is critical. Even if they are subjective, they reflect someone thinking

  • This isn't good enough
  • This is good enough
  • That was good enough, but this is better.

and all for reasons that they've thought through. It costs seconds and pays minutes. It pays hours when it prevents introducing a bug or more complicated code or when someone else follows the good example. Code is made entirely of details. Code matters, therefore details matter.