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Mahmoud EL-kariouny
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The best πŸ”₯ Google Chrome extensions for developers πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»


  • Chrome extensions are a great way for developers to save time and increase their productivity.

  • With the right extensions, you can streamline your workflow and spend less time on tedious tasks like web browsing or debugging code.

  • There are hundreds of Chrome extensions available that can help you do your job faster, so it's important to choose the ones that best fit your needs.

  • One popular extension is AutoFill Form Filler which allows users to quickly fill out forms with pre-defined data such as name, address, credit card information etc.

  • Saving them from having to manually enter this information every time they need it.

  • This extension also includes features such as auto-filling passwords and automatically filling in CAPTCHAs which makes logging into websites much easier than before.

  • Additionally there’s an option for customizing fields according to user preferences making it even more efficient when dealing with multiple forms at once!

  • Another useful Chrome Extension is PageSpeed Insights which helps developers optimize their website performance by providing insights about how fast each page loads along with suggestions on how they could improve its speed further if needed be - a feature especially beneficial when trying maintain good search engine rankings or simply improving overall user experience within the site itself!

  • It also provides additional details regarding JavaScript execution times & other related metrics allowing one take necessary steps towards optimizing pages accordingly thus making sure visitors don't have wait too long before content appears on screen after clicking through links/buttons present within said sites!

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Zeeshan πŸŽ–

Would have been better if every extension had a dedicated section of their own in this blog along with their links.

mahmoudessam profile image
Mahmoud EL-kariouny • Edited


Thank for your hint, But in the these two videos a lot of Google Chrome extensions.

Unfortunately I'm not have time to write big article with the descriptions of all extensions and links.

You can do that simply go to the videos and see it and then write the article with those extensions descriptions and links.

It's very simple if you have time ⌚
All the best.