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Free πŸŽ‰ Google Certifications


  • Google has recently launched a series of data science courses in order to help developers better understand the fundamentals and best practices for working with data.

  • The courses are designed to provide an introduction to the world of data science, as well as teach developers how to use Google's tools and services related to this field.

  • The first course, Introduction To Data Science With Google Cloud Platform, covers topics such as machine learning basics, big-data analytics techniques on GCP (Google Cloud Platform), SQL databases & NoSQL databases on GCP.

  • It also teaches students about cloud computing concepts like scalability & distributed systems that are essential for handling large datasets efficiently. Additionally it provides hands-on experience by using various open source libraries supported by GCP including TensorFlow & BigQuery ML (Machine Learning).

  • The second course is Advanced Data Science With Google Cloud Platform which focuses more on advanced topics such as natural language processing (NLP) algorithms; deep learning models computer vision methods time series analysis techniques etc.

  • All while leveraging existing tools available within the platform like AutoML Vision/Natural Language/Translation APIs or AI Hubs Notebooks etc.

  • This will enable developers with skillset required for building sophisticated applications that can process massive amounts of structured/unstructured datasets quickly and accurately without having them write complex code from scratch.

  • Overall these two new courses from Google offer an excellent opportunity for aspiring data scientists or experienced professionals looking forward into advancing their knowledge in this rapidly growing field .

  • So if you’re interested in exploring what modern day technology offers when it comes down tackling real life problems then these two offerings should definitely be considered worth your time!

Google Launched 5 Free πŸŽ‰ Data Science Courses πŸ”₯‍


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