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Mahesh K
Mahesh K

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Node.js Projects: What directory structure you have for project?

When you are making any form of projects (not just web based).

What directory structure that you follow for the project?

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Paramanantham Harrison

Domain driven structure

  • routes, model, seed, controllers and whatever file which is needed for a minimum functionality in a project. How to separate domain depends on project to project. For example, in a e-commerce web app, domains can be
  • products
  • users
  • orders
  • wishlist
  • search
  • related products
  • faq
  • feedback
  • analytics

And so on. There is no hard rules, you can split when needed

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Lars Wächter

Some time ago I wrote an article about how I structure my REST Apis in Node.js:


Thank you.

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