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How do you deal with creator burnout as a developer?

For those who make videos, podcast, do side hustle projects, write tutorials. And do this consistently without taking a break. You might have reached a point of burnout where consumption vs creation ratio has lead to burnout.

What are your ways to calm the mind that feels less accomplished?

How do you deal such burnout as a developer or creator?

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Anwar • Edited

A good proper break for me always does the job. I did not ever fell into hard burnout, but I had a few breakdowns here and there and this was because my mind was not clear.

Might not work depending the deadlines or some external influences but for me taking the time to take the time always was useful to freshen my mind.

Take some real days to do nothing related to dev, live the moment with your family. If your work ambiance is not good, take a snack and go eat outside alone. Sometimes my brain needs to think alone in a peaceful place.

This is also a sign you should take care of yourself, do more breaks,...

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This has been coming up a lot in my personal discussions recently. Also, I believe some of the most recent Tim Ferriss podcasts addressed this as well.

Personal I see it in two different ways.

How hard are you pushing?

As high achievers, we are wired to do everything we can to obtain a goal/outcome (Push/grind). However, sometimes pushing isn't always the answer. Letting go of the situation and allowing it to occur is the answer. Think about a time you were being nagged to do something. How much did you resist? As soon as that pressure stopped did you naturally and gladly do that thing?
This doesn't mean stop working, it just means slow down and enjoy the process a bit more.

A more holistic approach.

Often times we focus exclusively on one part of our lives, work, side hustle, physical while ignoring the other parts. I sort of break them into, as cheesy as this sounds, gardens

  • Physical
  • Career/Mission
  • Financial
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual/Contribution
  • Lifestyle/Adventure
  • Personal Growth/Intellectual

By burning hard in one area and ignoring others we can cause burn out. Starting to add some gentle focus in the fulfillment in these other areas helps provide space in the area that you are burning out in.

If you think of each of these gardens as a spoke on the wheel; the level of fulfillment in each as how much the wheel is inflated in that area, then you might visualize a lopsided wheel. By reducing the focus in one area and spreading it to the other gardens you start to get a rounder wheel. And a round wheel goes faster then lopsided one.

Ultimately burn out is your body/mind's way of telling you something. In my opinion, the question shouldn't be
"How do I manage or deal with burn out?"
I believe a better question is:
"What does this burn out/emotion actually mean?"

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Mahesh K

Thank you :)

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Akash Kava

The main reason of burn out is, "I know everything, I can do better then anyone else on the team, and I will myself finish it faster, and for free".

  1. Train others, divide the work, trust them and improve them instead of doing their work
  2. Pay for work, even if you can do it, you save time by paying for it and save your own health
  3. Write and prepare quality content that can do your work