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Anuj Sharma - eCommerce Developer

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Top 5 Magento Web Designing Trends For a Consistent Growth

A website is always more of a visual interaction with the customers. Thus, it becomes vital to present your website in the most influential manner. There is always a complete need of adopting design (UI/UX) trends that can bring you:

*High Web Traffic, and
*Increased User Engagement.

Since its start in 2008, Magento eCommerce is a leading platform. It is being trusted by many renowned brands (Coca-Cola, Burger King etc.) that claim to bring more growth while using Magento web development services. With its robust and versatile nature, Magento has left its competitors behind. A custom Magento development always comes with a great level of flexibility, scalability, and scope for customizations.

Magento offers numerous themes that you can use to get a perfect looking online store. It allows you to provide your customers with more personalized and lifelike user-experience. You can also hire expert Magento developers to customize those themes further as per your convenience.

Below, I am mentioning some trending eCommerce web designs that you can easily achieve with Magento. It will bring more profits & conversions to your web store.

Include more visuals (less content)

A visual communication via videos or pictures always has a great impact on your audience. People are more tend to watch rather than reading. Thus, you can add product videos and put it in the banners of your homepage to attract the customers.

Brimming your website with content will definitely not help you to get customers. For an individual, it is very tough to concentrate on the lengthy paragraphs or editor’s long notes.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling is ruling current web designing trends. It involves the movement of the content and background image at a different pace i.e. while you scroll down the background image is moved at a slower speed than the content present on it.

Such web design will definitely allow you to steal the show with your Magento store. Today thumb generation is more inclined towards scrolling or swiping than tapping. Thus, it will definitely engage your consumers as they will be going through much information in less time.

Sliders & Calls to action

Calls to action in view of text with moving slides are one of the most trending web designing techniques of 2018. A number of websites are using such techniques to deliver more information in no time.

Such calls to action provide your customers with a path to follow. Many of them find it quite easy and useful to search the relevant products. This technique is more useful in getting easy and fast conversions as well.

Play with Typography

Typography is a great web design tool to convey the actual aim or motto or your website. It comes as a minimal way to provide information.
If your website is plain in design, a little typography can enhance its functionality and look. Typography mixed with different font sizes adds to the structured approach of your website and plays an integral part of any website.

Make it more interactive

A homepage that is perfect in its UX but fails to interact with your audience is of no use at all. Make sure whenever you are setting up a Magento website, it should always make sense for your potential customers.

A perfect blend of simplicity and innovation will definitely catch the eye of consumers. Custom Magento development allows you to offer the most interactive websites possible ever. In order to build a customer-centric website, it would be of great use to do a survey and collect data of your customers (purchase behavior, promotional buying, discounts etc.).

All these web designing recommendations are a complete work of online research. This data is collected after doing a thorough research on various websites that are using Magento and growing a good pace.

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Sara Alfred

I am new to this field of development websites, and thanks to God I discovered this article early in my life I like your article and will be practicing it. Thanks for sharing such a great bag of knowledge.

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Ailsa lee

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Trovi loothbrook

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M.Osama Jahangir

New trends can boost your development skills. It is a good way and style to improve your work and also it saves time in long run. Yes its good to follow new trends doing in a a website development company or just as a freelancer. Another good advantage of following new trends is that it makes your website more interactive .

jalalkhanniazi profile image

No matter what we do, the trends will keep changing. Earlier, people hire designers to create their brand's logo and now they are using online logo design tools by themselves. A change has happened quickly.

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Kamran Siddiqui

I really appreciate this wonderful post that you have provided for us. I assure this would be beneficial for most of the people. As a Logo Designer these days everyone is using these Megento web design trends and It really looks cool but you explain in a very easy way

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Maria Lawrence

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