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Advanced Upgrades to the Shopify Order API for More Reliable Access to Merchant’s Order Data

When your online store is doing well, it makes new clients every day, and the sales are also improved immensely. With more sales and new clients come the enormous volumes of data regarding customer and order information.

As the volumes of data increases, it is crucial for the merchant to safeguard the personal information of all their customers and no one can access that data without merchant’s consent. Hence, while integrating new applications with your e-commerce store, it is critical that you protect your data.

That is the reason why we are presenting upgrades to the scopes inside the Order API so that store owners can rely on the APIs they are integrating with their system.

Additional Layers of Protection to the Order Data
It is paramount for a merchant or store owner to protect the order data. We all know that there are numerous unreliable applications are available on the market today. These can access any data present on your system when you install them, and the result is all the data whether five years old or ten years, is leaked. If you own an online store, you would not want your order data or client activity data exposed to dubious sources.

While there are apps that might use your stored data with your permission, e.g., an app for creating reports, etc., others may not need it at all. So giving them the access or consent is not necessary. And with the introduction of GDPR, it has become more critical to safeguarding your data even more than ever. That is why you should avoid the app to access data that is not relevant to its utilization. If you are clueless about unauthorized access to your store data, you can contact Shopify development agency to understand your system better.

Here we will talk about the new access scope known as read_all_orders that will help you to know about how an app retrieves your valuable data, and you can ensure that the installed apps cannot acquire extra information or data other than the information they need to work.

Seeking the Scope to read_all_orders data
You can ascertain that the apps that need the access to order data of the store would require the approval of the Shopify to obtain any kind of data. This approval can be taken through Shopify Partners Dashboard. After Shopify gives the permission, the read_all_orders scope will be added to the application, similar to read_order scope. If the app wants to access the order data, it should utilize both the scopes together.

Since it is not necessary to get in the way app that does not need access to stored order data, any application with standard write_order or read_orders scopes can obtain last 60 days of order information of the online store. These apps do not need any approval from Shopify, but from the merchant at the time of installation. Therefore, these applications will not face any problem using the Order API as they have 60 days order access window to merchant’s orders.

Seeking Access to Orders from Shopify Partner Dashboard
When you enter Shopify Partner Dashboard for approval, it prompts you to provide the reason for why the app in question requires this scope. It helps intercept the applications that try to acquire order data unnecessarily.

Notifying the Merchant about the data a particular Application wants to access
In last so many years, new advancements have allowed you to gain control over the applications on which data to obtain in a system and which not. Now, however, the access scopes come in readable form for the merchants also.

In fact, these scopes are presented to the merchants at the time of installation of the app, and still, at times, they are not clear about which scope is being agreed. This issue can be resolved by highlighting the sensitive scopes that are being offered by the app asking for access permission. Hence, a yellow notification will be displayed in the Shopify admin during the installation of the app that gets access to all the orders.

This system of flagging can make merchant trust an app and feel that their order data is secure. If you are a merchant and yet not aware of the scopes that are being granted access to your order, you can hire Shopify developer to build a reliable app ecosystem for you.

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