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How to Manage an Affiliate Marketing with Shopify

eCommerce base is growing worldwide at an extremely rapid pace. According to Statista, “In the year 2017, e-commerce sales accounted for 10.2% of all retail sales worldwide.” And, it is expected to reach 17.5% in 2021.

With eCommerce creating such a furore in the market, affiliate marketing is all set to be proved as a game changer among various other digital marketing approaches. An affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing process in which you do a partnership with a more established brand or individual in your targeted niche and ask them to promote your products or services to their audience. And, you reward them for every visitor or customer that you get through them. Overall, this marketing strategy helps you to make money out of money and holds a widening scope worldwide.

This trend of affiliate marketing program is gaining a huge space in eCommerce industry because of its performance-based mode. It has become the most preferred mode of advertising among various marketers with almost 81% of brands currently using it to drive more traffic or to promote the products. The only disadvantage of this marketing trend is that it is not at all meant for small scaled businesses. The reason being they will be unable to pay the affiliates due to the initial stages of a full-fledged business.

Now that we have explained the true essence of an affiliate marketing in the eCommerce industry. Let’s check the role of hiring a Shopify developer in this Shopify development services offer you a fantastic way of bringing new visitors to your web store. It offers a wide range of apps that can assist you in managing all your affiliate network across different channels. Let’s explore some of the best software that supports and boosts your affiliate marketing strategies.


With Refersion, you can start an affiliate marketing program in a few minutes while recruiting and building your affiliate networks on your Shopify store for growth. Its key features are inclusive of the following:

  • personalized dashboards to track affiliate performance
  • supports every business size
  • invite customers with a single click
  • generate coupon codes
  • a complete support for Shopify’s marketing app
  • helps to scale your online business

and more. Undoubtedly, it is an improbably powerful affiliate marketing software with a 5-star rating and 100+ reviews. You can get its free plan at an initial stage and upgrade to a paid plan as per your growing needs and expansion plans.


This affiliate software helps you to grow your business with an adequate level of perfection and marketing. You can easily create and integrate an affiliate program with this to attract new customers for receiving more traffic and sales eventually.

Key Features

  • easy to use
  • offers a complete range of referral marketing tools
  • easily integrates with other popular apps (Amazon, Shopify apps, Paypal etc.)
  • live chat & helpdesk support
  • And, more.

This software offers you the best affiliate marketing platforms comes with a free 15-day trial.


Get advantage of a wide range of powerful features, plugins for Shopify and affiliate services at a reasonable cost. Affiliatly provides you with an incredibly neat and clean interface and that too at a reasonable price. Although, it is being recently added to the app store yet it is doing wonders as an affiliate tracking app.

Key Features

  • easy tracking and management of your affiliates
  • different affiliates’ tracking methods (via link, QR code, etc.)
  • completely customizable
  • pay your affiliates via PayPal etc.

You can get an insight of this software with its 30-day free trial prior to making any long-term investment. Undoubtedly, affiliate marketing program on your Shopify store helps in boosting the process of setting up a brand and promote its products or services in an extremely influential way. There are a no. of talented Shopify developer available worldwide that can help you explore customized solutions for the same as well. You just have to move your steps according to your business needs.

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