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Elder Millennial tries to get an actual career.

While the labels that society places on the generations are a little silly, it’s what I am, so here we are. I started my “blogging career” back when LiveJournal / DeadJournal was a big thing. I loved the control you could have in designing how everything looked. Xanga, melodramatic, blogger and finally the both dreaded and loved Tumblr. Whatever blog site was popular I moved over to until I moved over to wordpress (head there if you want a more everyday-type blog), but I'm here in DEV. I guess I'll see how this works for me.

Myspace happened the year after I graduated high school in 2003. Between the drama of who was in my top 8 all I wanted to do was code and design, and create. I went down the rabbit hole and taught myself any and everything I could about html/css, I bought photoshop and dreamweaver and learned how to design and code using it’s WYSIWYG interface. I went to college for “ graphic design” that had very few graphic courses and so many coding courses where I learned how to make FLASH games and design websites. I LOVED IT. That was almost 20 years ago. I never got that job as a designer, although I did have some freelance jobs doing posters and websites for local bands. Everything has changed since then though, so has coding languages.

So here I am. I’ve worked overnights at Amazon for the last 6 years, and while I love what I do – I basically get to tell people what to do all night and make sure we get all your shipments out on time – I’ve never been ‘fulfilled.’ haha.

Thanks to Amazon’s career choice I’m starting an 8 month program to become a software developer. There is so much more going on in my life, and while I will mainly focus on my career journey, I hope you don’t mind joining me in my everyday adventures as well.

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