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How to Detect Symbols & spaces With RegEx!

Regex Is Awesome, I am learning regex.

A good Example is to make a simple symbol & space detector with RegEx!
You can use RegExp in javascript

Use \W in RegExp to detect symbols & spaces.
& use .match() in Javascript to search for the symbols.

A RegExp is can be written as a pattern: /\W/g

Example In Javascript
   var text = prompt("Enter a Name (symbols & spaces not allowed!)"); // Take user Input.
   if(text.match(/\W/g) == null){ // Check if there are spaces, symbols.
     alert("Good Name!!"); // If valid.
     alert("Bad Name!! Remove Those Spaces And Symbols!"); // If Invalid
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Ben Sinclair

use .match() in Javascript to search for the symbols.

Nitpick: if you want to search for an occurrence of something by regex in Javascript, you can use the search method. match is for retrieving matching patterns (possibly more than one). You can use match if you like, but it's not exactly the same thing.

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