What's your 'money best spent' on tech?

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What's your most valuable tech purchase, considering durability, longevity, quality and price?

For me it would be Logitech Wireless Mouse M195. I bought it like a decade ago, never failed me, been dropped multiple times, quality and sturdy. Got it for like 10$. As far as I know it's discontinued (since no link).


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Definitely a little pricey, but I bought the Sony WHMX1000 noise cancelling headphones and they've been a game changer. The noise cancelling is excellent, and it allows me to dial into work if there's distractions around. Looking at you open offices, seriously who thought they were a good idea.


I second that. I went with Bose QuietComfort 35 and by god, working is so much more pleasant now. Not because of drowning out people around me, but the random noises of printers, pc fans spinning up or other things that just pull you out of your flow.

Without ANC, I probably couldn't work as productive anymore.


Same! We recently switched to an open office and these have kept me sane. I convinced a few of the other developers to get them and they are all really happy with them, especially since some of them have mechanical keyboards and there are no longer cube walls to muffle the clicky sounds!


Based on reviews, these must be really quality :)


I bought 3 years ago one of those weird mice that has like a ball you can move with your thumb (trackballs). And since then, I stopped having issues with my wrist that in that time were killing me as I used it so much. Will Never go back to a normal mouse!


I started on the MX 570 and graduated to the MX Ergo and it's genuinely been life changing. Trackballs are massively more comfortable and I've found them to be equally if not more usable for general tasks and even gaming.
I've even gotten several of my friends to make the switch and not one has gone back.


Was looking at this, but ended up going with Evoluent instead (literally just this past weekend) and it is in fact life-changing!


Is the change to the MX Ergo a good movement? I've seen good comments about it but not sure if It is worth.

If you're really in love with Trackballs, it's a good investment.
But that said, the MX 570 is considerably cheaper and not noticeably different for a new user, so I recommend that overall. Also, the MX 570 goes on sale on Amazon/Best Buy very frequently. I got mine for $18 at Best Buy.


I agree 100% with you. Exactly the same experience. Shifting to thumb completely takes away the pain and makes the hand stronger. It's a miracle. Pain or no pain, buy this today


Did you mean something like Logitech M570?
I guess it's super comfortable and handy, once you get used to it :)


Yes, exactly that one! At the beginning my movements with the cursor were messy, but nowadays I can even play some FPS with it :D


My current keyboard and mouse (Logitech G Pro X and Logitech G703). They weren't the cheapest, but they're comfortable for both working and gaming. G703s battery is durable as hell, I can use for days without recharging.

  • Best ever: ThinkPad L440, a cheap and sturdy boy, used for ~200€
  • Well worth the investment: all frontend courses I bought on Udemy.com
  • Pays off in the long run: any mechanical keyboard I've bought

Good headphones. I went through most of my life with whatever free headphones that came with my phone or I spoofed from a flight. I had a pair of Skullcandy headlines that were wow, an improvement. They are still holding up well, but the BOSE QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II I got for my birthday are wow, wow WOW.


Wireless mouse, and a ssd for my computer. Also I had bought a android tv box a few years back( Its kinda a low quality product, but works good, I can flash different android versions and use it freely with my TV or any other monitor)


I've bought Logitech 5.1 speakers like 15 years ago. I've used it for like 10 years, now my father in law uses it without any problems.


I don't know which ones you bought, but I have the Logitech x530 5.1 surround. Paired with an external SoundBlaster X-Fi and I've never needed to upgrade. I think I've had mine about as long as you have. I know they're not top-of-the-line, but they have excellent sound quality.


I am using logitech 2.1 since 2005 :D Everything got upgraded but this one remained.


Any chance of getting to know the model, if you remember?


I'd have to visit my parents in law to look it up. Might happen in a month or so. I'll try to remember it. 🙂


A dozen keyboards that might actually outlive me ...and I'll probably keep buying them as long as I am breathing


$5 on Human Resource machine game :). best $5 spent


not really tech, but still my best $5


Vortex pok3r 60% keyboard. So comfy.

I've never actually bought my own computer, desktop or laptop. 😲


I'm shocked that someone mentioned the exact keyboard that I'm using. LOL! Although, I'm about to pull the trigger on a Kinesis Advantage 2...


Laptop by far! Biggest investment to date by an insane ratio. But I think that's the same with most of us in tech lol


If your answer isn't Bose QC35s, you don't own Bose QC35s.


My mechanical keyboard with Kailh blue switches!


My ThinkPad T480. FHD TouchScreen, core i5 8350, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD nvme for ~400$


Well, that's less than half of today's market!
Definitely a steal if you got it in working condition ;)


Honestly, i was very lucky. I bought it from a company that was getting rid of them after using it for a project. They bought it brand new on June 2019 and i got it on October 2019. It even has extended warranty.

Whoa that seems like a good deal! I didn't know companies did this

Yeah, some companies buy ThinkPads in bulk and after using them for whatever they need, they’ll sell them at a good price. Sometimes they give the computers to their employees and these guys sell them very cheap because they think they’re bad computers. (Not mac = bad)


Linux, absolutely free. Started using it on the desktop right after Windows XP was released for its huge selection of free pro audio software (already impressive back then). Since then, it has resurrected not one, not two, but three MacBook Pros when MacOS installs began to fail.

Oh, and despite being laughed at for my love of Linux even when I formally entered IT, it has some been one of the deciding factors to land me several jobs since.


I have a wacom bamboo graphics tablet. Bought it about 10 years ago for 40€ and it still works fine. Driver support for windows starts to get weird lately, so I might have to upgrade soon, though.


The £70-ish I spent on my Anne Pro 2 mechanical keyboard. It's bluetooth so I can easily use it on my laptop, desktop and iPad.

Closely followed by my monitor and mouse though.


Purchased CleanShot X for $29 recently...what an amazing piece of software!


My Oculus Quest VR Set. It's quite amazing what VR is currently capable of doing. I discover something cool almost every day :)


1994's Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite, I've used this my whole professional life, own 3-4 of them and have only broken one beyond repair.