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What payment methods do you prefer for freelance?

madza profile image Madza ・1 min read

So, you have met the deadlines, ensured that the client is satisfied and the project is functional. How do you ensure you get paid in the end?

Some of the most popular options include PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, TransferWise, Stripe, Escrow and lots of others...

What are your experience with these online services and which ones would you recommend to use due to their ease of use, customer service, etc?


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loouislow profile image
Loouis Low

I use PayPal because everybody has it, my clients, my friends, my local bank works well with the PayPal, $$$$$ transfer always happy-ending.

yo profile image

Paddle works awesome for me in Taskord Patron!

papaponmx profile image
Jaime Rios

Hey Madza. I prefer crypto, if the client is not versed enough to use it, then I prefer Paypal.

jamesthomson profile image
James Thomson

Usually bank transfer as it's globally accepted, but I've quite enjoyed using Revolut when clients have it (and for my own personal travel use).

leandroruel profile image
Leandro RR

bank transfer always

alphavader profile image

Just normal bank transfer.. My clients often need their time...