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What is the most beautiful Linux distro?

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By research I've done Elementary, Solus and Mint came up often.

Experienced Linux developers, which Linux distro did you find to have the best UI? I'm not talking about opportunities through customization and settings, but distros out-of-the-box.


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NO don't ever try DEEPIN OS !!!

Try Deepin DE if you accidentally falled in love with it
Distros like Fedora or Endaevor OS or Garuda Linux with deepin interfaces are much better if you like Deepin Look.

Still, I recommend KDE or cinnamon or Gnome over deepin


Looks clean, thanks for the recommendation 👍🔥


Nothing in that article says that... it actually even says the opposite.

"None of my expert sources were aware of any occurrences involving spyware or malware embedded in the OS code related to Deepin Linux or any other distros. However, a concern did surface last year surrounding Deepin’s website and Appstore, according to Daniel Smith, head of threat research at Radware."


I believe deepin 15 had great look, but disagree for deepin 20


Yeah they've got rid of the nice sidebar for the most recent version

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No software produced in CCP controlled China can be trusted. But it is pleasant looking, too bad.


I've heard a similar argument for why you shouldn't trust NSA created SELinux.

With Open Source you don't need to trust. You can read the code.

As opposed to closed source software produced by American corporations. Apparently our corporations have no interest in survival of the species, or retaining a Democracy.


Then try UbuntuDDE which uses only the open source parts of Deepin desktop

Ubuntu came in the news for sending searches to Amazon. Not sure if they still do though. Just mentioning it.

They removed that a couple of releases ago and it only affected the main Gnome based release, not other desktops


Its Open Source and even if you are a little bit tech savvy , it wouldn't be hard to remove all the preinstalled bloatwares.


Elementary OS is my pick for best out of the box beauty. Obviously there is so much more you can do with it than what comes out of the box but if a s̶h̶i̶p̶ OS leaves port and has every piece replaced one by one, is it the same s̶h̶i̶p̶ OS when it comes back?


i also like they privacy focus.. privacy + elegance = win


I am using Pop!_OS with Orchis theme


I've been using Pop!_OS! for about a year. Even out of the box it is visually pleasing.


Try KDE on Pop and you love it more :))


yes, Pop!_OS is awesome.


I tried lots of them and finally stayed for longer with vanilla gnome (on fedora). It has the biggest community working on it, so it's the most professional desktop: simple but elegant and consistent. And well thought, without random features


Just try Garuda Linux


Loved Garuda Linux !!!

With BTRFS and automatic snapshots, Garuda Linux is my most loved Arch Based Dsitro.
It also has best theme pre installed in KDE Edition.

The Website is


Personally, I can't really consider a distro beautiful unless it works well. Here's one of the workspaces on my Manjaro KDE with Latte dock. Pop!_OS is also pretty nice. Deepin and Elementary look nice, but the appearance is superficial.


XFCE + whatever you like. For me it's Adwaita GTK theme + Elementary-Xfce icons (both have light and dark variants so i can use it with night mode as well).


I'd say Pop is (don't know how it's spelled properly 😂). It is the very same Ubuntu everyone loves, but adding a tile window manager (which can be turned off if you don't want it), a beautiful log in screen and overall great icons!


elementary OS for me. It's beyond just first-sight beauty. I am constantly amazed by how much attention they pay to every tiny detail.

Also, it's not just the OS and the default apps. Their stylesheet is so well-designed that all apps on AppCenter look as good as the builtin apps.


I suppose this is a subjective question, so I'll go with Manjaro KDE.


How is the learning curve on it, btw?


It is one of the easiest and straight forward linux distros out there, you can setup everything in couple of hours. It comes preconfigured and has very smart tools to make your life much easier.


It has to be Manjaro + KDE!


Is this out-of-the-box? Looks super clean 🤩


Nope, With some Customizations, it looks Cool!

Yeah, I noticed by installed apps 😉


Anything with the Enlightenment (now Moksha) desktop; So, pretty much just Bodhi Linux. Beautiful.


every linux distro is beautiful (if it has a tiling wm in it)


The look and feel of a DE basically depend on the icons and wallpapers. Regarding the layout, we have about 3 types: traditional, horizontal dash and vertical dash. That's it. At the end, you can change them to get the best fit. So I think the beauty of Linux distro doesn't make sense. If any, it's the capacity of appearance customization, and some UX optimizations.

With me, the best one for destop is minimal Ubuntu/Debian, then XFCE4, then personalization. For laptop, I prefer Gnome, not Ubuntu customized version, but which one used by Fedora and Pop!OS, because on laptop I almost use keyboard shortcut, and Gnome helps to make use of the whole screen space.

If we consider only about the distro out-of-the-box, I think Fedora and Pop!OS have minimalist beauty.


Every time I try something based on a *utter window manager (Mutter, Clutter, etc.), there always comes some epic freeze when I need to get shit done. So that rules out GNOME 3 (shame, GNOME 2 was my favorite DE, and Mate just hadn't kept up), Pantheon (Elementary OS), Budgie (Solus, Ubuntu Budgie), Cinnamon (Linux Mint), etc. for me.

Also, I hate being forced into a desktop paradigm that can only be tweaked with a crappy extension system that can't keep up with newer releases of the DE (if even that is made available).

Personally, I think KDE Plasma can be made more beautiful than GNOME 3 or any of the above variants, while competing with the lame but oft-touted XFCE in terms of performance (seriously, why are they still using Orage? It sucks so hard), something *utter-based DEs don't even pretend to do, and while remaining infinitely configurable instead of assuming the user is too stupid to configure the DE the way they want it.

Also, unlike GNOME, the KDE devs are incredibly welcoming.


If it was more complete, I would have to say dahliaOS, it has a nice aesthetic so far and some odd but accurate customization themes.
"Windows" third party theme


It's Kubuntu #1 because of Stability, Tools (especially for IT community) and Features, Upgradability, Beauty, and then Ubuntu base support

Then it would be POP!_OS... Not going to lie, the workflow ability is very effective and efficient. It's well thought out and take allows you to focus on the task at hand while being very beautiful.


I have been a long time can of Elementary OS, but recently I switched to Pop OS and I must say, I am loving it. So much so that I put it on my laptop and desktop both.


For my laptop Ubuntu ... for my servers and clients, the great Debian, of course !! ;) :)

(spoiler -> Ubuntu is based in Debian)


I would have to tend towards the system 76's Pop os


The one that works :P

Material Shell on Gnome using PopOS has been great, but recent update broke for me, back to default Gnome lol

... Oh I just read the last part of your post, in that case: Fedora because it just works. :)


The one that works

well put 😃😃


kde(with Latte) one love


This is where I'm at too (with Manjaro.)


Archlinux, prove me wrong...


The default on Arch is just a CLI sooo


My point exactly...


Came across few, but right now Deepin.


Basically for me it's any distro with a decent KDE setup out the box, KDE Neon is my favourite


If you're asking for a beautiful distro "out of the box", there's still none of them


Deepin for sure


Ubuntu deepin edition, kde neon


PopOs is decent looking. Have been using it for 8 months. It is stable and decent looking, perfect for me


Been using Ubuntu Mate for a while now and I just love the simplicity and look and feel of the Capartino desktop layout. It is my favorite.


Deepin is probably on the top list but in my opinion i prefer Element over Deepin.
But Mint with cinnamon also has fabulous look.
Can't really decide!


Pop_Os! Is great 🥰


Have you anyone seen samsung dex mode? I love dex mode design. I would love to see that design on Debian or fedora


It has to be Arch with kde and latte. Harmony qt and kvantum theme.


Mahn, if you have a few hours on your hand, you can make any linux look like whatever you want, go search for unixporn, seriously mate, they have better setups than the distributions listed in here!


100% sure it's Elementary OS.

I've been using that for two years as my main distro for work at the office, now i'm trying windows + WSL 2 but keeping Elementary on my desktop PC


it is beautiful indeed 🤩


Never tried it, but Zorin OS always looked smashing


I will go with Ubuntu. With many of themes and customization available we can try different customization.


Zorin OS is also quite pretty. Very beginner friendly too.


For me Elementary OS is by far the most elegant.