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All you mentioned in your 2nd sentence, basically. To add to it, if you deal with lots of reference images, PureRef is great. And for some things I use Blender.


Definitely going to check that out. Thanks


Everything you mentioned, except Canva & Draw IO. Inkscape is my primary go to, even though the layers features could be better (I wish it was organized just like Figma & Gimp). Inkscape has this truly divine feature called bitmap trace which is available under the path header. I love gimp for the effects and Figma, for its amazing alignment and multi canvas.


Curious what make you choose XD over other UI/UX tools? There is so much choice its hard to choose one I think sometimes.


I think predominantly because my company is paying for the Creative Suite, so it was bundled there and ready for me to use :) I've honestly not tried anything else... is there another bit of software you'd recommend?

Yes Adobe XD might be bundled with the creative suite but it's also free without it which I think is pretty cool. XD is great the only other one I would recommend trying is Figma which is also free to use in the browser and on desktop. It syncs across all platforms. Sketch is another good one but honestly I have barely touched because it is macOS only and XD and Figma are more than good enough plus they are multi platform.


Vectornator is my new fave, but I do still use Canva too (the GitHub Student Developer Pack gives you Canva Pro for free)


My favorite app for wireframing isn't an app at all. Sharpie on graph paper or device templates from Sketchize.

Why? Because the whole point of wireframing is to get the idea out quickly, without fiddling over making something just right. Sharpie to paper forces you to do this (without being able to make corrections). Wish I could take credit for this idea, but I got it from Zurb (the agency behind Foundation).


Love it.
Pen and paper is still what feels best for me. The templates are a great idea


The Affinity Suite (Designer, Photo, Publisher) for everything non-UI. Figma & Framer for UI.
Not using Sketch much these days...


Recently, I've played with both Figma and Draw.io - both are useful for complex work.

For sketching or lightweight drawing - it's definitely Excalidraw that gets my vote. 👍🏻 I wrote a post with my thoughts on why here.


I use mainly use Kraft for complex prototyping UI component designs, and Yogurt for mostly refactoring UI. Both tools are HTML and CSS production-ready capable.


XD and UXPin for prototyping, Photoshop for graphics.


What to use to draw technology architecture flow ? for example the flow goes from UI to API then to notification API then to mongo DB ?


for that I would use Draw.io, it's pretty awesome for diagrams, flowcharts, architecture modeling, etc 😉


Depending on my needs: Photoshop for the images, Illustrator for vectors, Affinity Designer or Figma for the Design and Invision for a preview of the animations.


Mainly Figma these days, and pen and paper for quick sketching/prototyping.


I'm not a designer, but Figma is always my go-to.


Microsoft Surface + Surface Pen + OneNote is my way to go


Have a look Framer Web and persp.info


Illustrator for branding / graphics / wtv

Adobe XD / Sketch for Wireframing / Prototyping

  • UI/UX: Figma, Adobe XD or Sketch
  • Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator is a design tool I would like to add at some point.


Figma pretty much for everything. The stuff you cannot do with Figma I usually do in Photoshop


I'm not a designer, but when I have to try it, I usually use Canva, or Corel Draw 🤓