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What apps do you use for planning your week?

The success of our day is largely dependent on the quality of our planning. Some people prefer to make a list of upcoming tasks in a notebook, while others have long started using digital technology solutions.

Do you use some calendar app like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Fantastical that sync across all you devices and plan tasks like that?

Or maybe you prefer note taking apps like Notion, Evernote or Trello to track you tasks and their execution?

Or do you still use the traditional block-note approach as for some people no app will ever be as flexible and easy to use as pen and paper?

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vaclavhodek profile image

I use ClickUp for almost everything. We use it in our company for development, marketing, content production, customer support, feedback collecting, etc. and I started using it for personal planning as well.

It's amazing as there are tasks, tables, documents, calendars, mind-maps, forms, etc. It's customizable and there is API - we send data about new users, apps, etc. directly to our CRM workspace in ClickUp.

Definitely worth trying.

rubeen profile image
Ruben Vitt

Definitely my favourite! I managed planning my thesis with this tool. 🚀

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Radu-Alexandru B • Edited on

Finally, my time to shine:

  • Google Calendar for organizing busy weeks/months
  • Google Keep for my day to day tasks (or for planning the next day or even current/next week)... Also to break big big tasks into lots of smaller sub-tasks
  • Pen and a calendar on paper to keep track of what I've done every single day... I have 3 years of paper calendars with a history of every activity that I did... crazy, eh?
  • A physical journal when times are rough and I need to write stuff down before my brain explodes
  • Microsoft Excel for accounting all the money I've spent on everything. I mean. Every. Single. Penny. With lots of statistics on how much I earn/pay per month/year, etc. From time to time I save these data to a cloud (Google Sheets).
  • Evernote for writing things like:
    • New projects, applications ideas, where I can also break them step by step by technologies used, user interface and experience, and links to some possible functionalities
    • List of all the movies that I've seen, games that I've played
    • List of all possible gifts that I could buy (including who I gave that and when)
    • Fast journalling when I don't have my physical notebook
    • Insights/Core ideas from books that I've read or Self-Growth videos
  • Oh, and my My-Study-Notes repository where I write all the stuff I learn... Sometimes I write all my notes on paper but, this repo is accessible anywhere when I need it. Feel free to visit and maybe.. maybe give a ⭐.
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Madza Author

Nice list there, covers all the needs well 👍👌

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MrKwanZ • Edited on
jimcmorrison profile image

I use a cocktail of things 3 for daily to dos, Bear Notes for notes and quarterly planning, Google Calendar for schedule, Trello for longer projects, and a couple white boards at home for generally planning of projects/weekly touch points. It seems like a lot but I feel like it allows me to be the most productive!

scroung720 profile image

Google sheets hahahah :(

sharmanandini4 profile image
Nandini Sharma

Well, I’d like to recommend ProofHub as it simplifies the way teams manage their day-to-day work. From planning tasks and projects to collaborating with remote team members, keeping things organized, and delivering projects on time - ProofHub has got all the features that you need.

To-do lists, Custom workflows, Group chat, Gantt charts, Discussions, File sharing, Online proofing, Time tracking, Reporting, and so on. With ProofHub, you won’t feel the need for using multiple tools for all this. It even has a built-in Calendar to solve your scheduling problems. It integrates with apps like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Google Calendar, iCal, FreshBooks, and more, to bring all your scattered data in one shared space.

You can try it once and see it for yourself.

dennislwm profile image

Not conventional, but I'm using markdown editor. It has iOS app so that I can plan my day even while outside, and syncs to a self-hosted couchdb, so that I can continue on my desktop app. For those who don't want to go the self-hosted route, it has a premium plan.

louislow profile image
Louis Low

My all time favorites ~ Google Keep and Google Calendar

contradicthelaw profile image
Minh Nguyen (he/him)

Event/meeting management: Microsoft Teams. I've used it for team stand ups and ad-hoc calls—it does the job okay (but it’s difficult to scroll up more than a few messages at a time).

Todos and other notes: org-mode on Emacs. I can prioritise items, set todo status, make repeatable tasks, and I can view all of this at a glance with an agenda view. I used to have a pen and paper setup, but it was eating up space on my desk.

thejoefin profile image
Joseph Finney

I found myself using a paper calendar even though I had a touch laptop, so a few years ago I created Ink Calendar for Windows ( and use that to plan and organize my time, usually on a weekly or monthly basis.

Other than Ink Calendar I also use Dragging To-Dos from the sidebar onto my calendar is a nice feature for mixing tasks and scheduling.

At work I use Outlook (desktop client) and Teams.

pablohs1986 profile image
Pablo Herrero

Paper and fountain pen... old style :)

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Nicolás Omar González Passerino

Mostly Trello for a long term projects, sometimes google docs for tracking documentations i will use on the project and old fashion paper/pen for taking notes after my work hours.
I think is a good idea to have a notepad at hand when you are relaxing your mind and the ideas come up.

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Art4 • Edited on

I'm using a selfhosted Nextcloud instance for nearly everything.

  • Nextcloud Calendar for syncing between 4 devices (CalDAV) and sharing with family and various organisations.
  • Nextcloud Tasks for Tasks and Calendar Integration; On mobile nearly every calendar and task app with Calendar/CalDAV support works for me
  • Nextcloud Deck for longer/complex projects
nieuwepixels profile image
Nieuwe Pixels

I am working on my own concept. It's somewhere between Trello and Salesforce. Giving me kanban views per client, but also overal on all projects.

pavel_polivka profile image
Pavel Polívka

I have work Outlook and paper and pen... Old school 🤣

deepslam profile image
Dmitry Ivanov

Just Google Calendar and Microsoft To Do

gavinshaw profile image
Gavin Shaw • Edited on

Same stack here. I am really enjoying Microsoft To Do at the moment. The developers are very active.

I use Dynalist for note taking.

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Serhii Baranski

For planning I use the free application, there is a demo that does not require registration. Hope this will be helpful.

eriklz profile image
Erik Lundevall Zara

Todoist for most of the tasks which are my own.
For work projects it can be Jira, YouTrack, Trello etc, depending on project and client.

raguay profile image
Richard Guay

I mostly use TaskPaper and NotePlan tied together with some Alfred scripts and my own menubar note/script running application. Kind of a hybrid.

kristiandupont profile image
Kristian Dupont

For planning of a day, I use a note book together with a quirky $5 stamp that I bought from AliExpress:

bhuvneshsain profile image
Bhuvnesh Sain

I still use whiteboard and marker. I just put up the things need to complete today sort by priority. I usually start my day with the highest priority work.

winstonpuckett profile image
Winston Puckett

My team at work uses Azure DevOps, so I connect that to Microsoft Planner using PowerAutomate. For my personal projects I just use GitHub now

dmartinezsarta profile image
Daniel Martínez Sarta

I use Google Calendar for scheduling, Google Meet for meetings, Notion as daily journal and set reminders and Trello for project tasks because of my company.

pjmartorell profile image
Pere Joan Martorell

I don't need more tools to plan everything, what I need is time, focus and workforce to accomplish it.

rolfstreefkerk profile image
Rolf Streefkerk

GitHub boards for project tasks, trello for business level tasks.
Google Calendar for general/granular scheduling of work and private

shaytamir profile image

i feel so primitive, but still using a plain notebook =]

yo profile image

Todoist mostly for planning both personal and project works!

madza profile image
Madza Author

Nice approach dividing tasks via categories! 👍

ayushmxn profile image
Ayushman Chhabra

Google Calender for university classes, events and appointments.
Notion for my blog, taking/making notes, deadlines, tasks, collaborating with different teams.

geopopos profile image
George Roros

Notion. Google calendar.

lukeswitz profile image
Luke Switzer
jwp profile image
John Peters

VSTS and outlook

michaelphipps profile image
Phippsy • Edited on

Just a wake up alarm on my phone. Keep it simple :)

Eat. Code. Sleep. Repeat.

rafmaghari profile image

Google Calendar, Trello, Evernote and Google Keep

jcsh profile image
Justin Ho

I only recently started organizing notes and stuff for personal stuff so:

Notion for notes and task management
Google calendar for meetings etc

alexanderjanke profile image
Alex Janke

For meetings we use Outlook at work, and for actual tasks Asana. For private quick notes I use Google Keep.

arturssmirnovs profile image
Arturs Smirnovs

Google calendar
Paper and pen

ntourne profile image
Nicolas Tourne • Edited on

I use Google Calendar + RememberTheMilk.

alohci profile image
Nicholas Stimpson

Pen and paper takes a lot of beating. Pocket sized, almost zero start up time, never "goes down", you never have to wait while they update themselves, supports text and images at multiple sizes...

madza profile image
Madza Author

Hahah, well put 😃😃😃

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

I use the to do app Tick Tick. It even has calendar integration so you can see your to do's in your calendar.

konfistador profile image
Mino Karadzhov

I just go with the Integrated Apple Calendar. In addition to this, I use Todoist(which I find very useful) to put my Deadlines and different tasks in.

maxim_holland profile image

Tick Tick = Tasks
Obsidian = knowledge repo
GMail/Outlook/Teams = Comminication
GCalendar/Outlook = Schedule
Zoom/Team = VideoCalls
Telegram = Messenger
Figma = Presentations