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Have you ever used services like Fiverr?

Services like Fiverr could be a life server for custom design, logo, illustration, or any other service you lack expertise or time to work on for a couple of bucks you pay someone.

Have you ever used services like Fiverr to assist you?

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elyannu87 profile image

Me personally now but serval people I know very well use fiverr services for different purposes. Plus there is a pretty solid rating system so you can have a look for positif feedback.
Downside on fiverr is that ok it's cheap but it's really too cheap for a lot of stuff kind of destrys some markets. Not only in design ... basically every category you can get work done for very cheap...not the biggest fan ^^'. Good work should be paid the right price.
But for personal use I think it's good !

sheikhrashed profile image
Sheikh Rashed

yeah I also think about good work should be paid deserving price

skaterdad profile image

I hired someone on Fiverr to translate some text to Brazilian Portuguese. Choosing someone took some time, but I was very happy with the results.

The only part I didn't like were the fees that Fiverr takes (even on tips, if I'm remembering correctly). I would have preferred to give the extra money directly to the translator.

muhimen123 profile image

Well, I agree with you. But if we take a different approach, if there wasn't fiverr to start with, you would have never paid the translator. Maybe a win win for both I guess.

lukemiller profile image
Luke Miller

Hi Madza. Good question.

I believe that using sites to find clients is beneficial. However, I struggled with the outlying fees that Fiverr would charge, which added additional overhead.

I prefer to use AskFora when freelancing because it does a great job with handling the administrative aspect of freelancing that helps avoid overhead that is unnecessary so that I may spend more time with more of my clients to be focused and innovative.

mellen profile image
Matt Ellen

I put my limerick writing services on Fiverr, but have only had one client in the last however many years. I guess I'm bad at selling myself :D

I've not tried using a service on there.

gsandec profile image
Gustavo Silva

We've purchased a few services on Fiverr but unfortunately, the quality was very poor. You can always take advantage of the platform by only accepting work you think is well done. You'll always have the option to refuse the work if it's not up to your standards. However, prepare for long conversations to get just a good enough quality service.

bobrossthedude profile image

I've used Upwork for some Geo-located testing that we had to do in our company, so just to say the least, try staying away from hourly pay if you ain't got a way to track and measure the performance of your freelancer. IMO it's better to pay for work in total with some nuances, because we sank a lot in to nothing basically

panditapan profile image

nope, but a lot of venezuelans do! including my bestie (she's a singer!) and that platform is probably the only reason she's been able to survive. The fees suck and the time to get them as well, but it's been a life saver for her!

She's tried to get me into it to sell my drawing skills but I don't know xD I don't have too much time to freelance hahaha

peter279k profile image

I don't use that and I heard from this post at first time.

madza profile image

It has been around for a long time, the UI of the website is changed a lot since I last visited, tho 😀😀

zohebkhan profile image
Zoheb Alli Khan

Yeah I wanted to work there as a freelancer but didn't due to not having a credit card

jacobherrington profile image
Jacob Herrington (he/him)

I used Fiverr to have an intro made for my podcast. I ended up spending around $25 and it worked well enough!

kalaspuffar profile image
Daniel Persson

Yes, got some translation done for my application. Hopefully it was done well.