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17 Productivity Tools to Improve your Developer Workflow 🚀⚡

In the fast-paced world of tech, developing an effective workflow has become more important than ever. Productivity has emerged as one of the most critical metrics to improve in order to beat the competition.

In this article I have compiled some of the most useful developer tools, that will help you to speed up your daily workflow.

Each tool will include a direct link, a description, and an image preview.

1. Swimm

Easily write internal notes and docs about your code.

Create internal code documentation that is always up-to-date, easy to find and use, so your developers can trust it and spend less time looking for answers.


2. Hoppscotch

Lightweight, web-based API development suite that helps you create requests faster, saving precious time on development.


3. Twist

An async messaging app that makes collaboration easy from anywhere by using threads to organize your conversations.


4. Plaky

The task manager for developers to easily track their own assignments and see what others are working on at the moment.


5. Sizzy

The browser for web developers. Develop, debug and test your websites and apps with ease and speed.


6. Wappalyzer

Technology profiler that shows you what websites are built with. Uncover programming languages, analytics, marketing tools, etc.


7. Ngrok

A free service that helps you share a site or server running on your local machine on the web.


8. StackBlitz

An online dev environment for a quick scaffold of Angular, React, Vue, Vanilla, RxJS, and TypeScript projects.


9. Figma

A free design tool for teams who build products together. It helps the entire product team create, test, and ship faster.



Free and open-source cross-platform graph drawing software to create flowcharts, wireframes, diagrams, and much more.


11. ShareX

A free and open-source program that lets you capture or record any area of your screen and share it with a single press of a key.


12. Prioritize

Create, visualize, and prioritize tasks on a drag-and-drop interface with different priority boards.


13. Clockify

Time tracker and timesheet app that lets you track work hours across projects and analyze your productivity.


14. Cold Turkey

Block websites, games, and applications to boost your productivity and reclaim your free time.


15. Pomofocus

Break up work into timed intervals separated by short breaks, maximize productive time, and minimize downtime while avoiding burnout.


16. musicForProgramming

A series of mixes intended for listening while programming to focus the brain and inspire the mind.


17. CodeSandbox

An online code sandbox for users to write, edit, test, collaborate and run web development projects.


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Andrew Baisden

Another good resource from the master of resources 😄

madza profile image

Means a lot coming from you, Andrew! 👍💯✨

kilianvalkhof profile image
Kilian Valkhof

You should really check out Polypane, it's a browser that helps developers with responsive design, accessibility and code quality. I'm happy to give you a demo!

madza profile image

Thanks for the addition, Kilian! 👍💯✨

sarma_akondi_746f338b83b7 profile image
Sarma Akondi

Great share 👍

madza profile image

Thank you, Sarma! 👍✨💯

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