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Style your Angular website faster with Stylify CSS

Style your Angular app quickly and easily with Stylify CSS. Split CSS for large pages or create one bundle for a whole app and get extremely small CSS.


Stylify is a library that uses CSS-like selectors to generate optimized utility-first CSS based on what you write.

  • ✨ CSS-like selectors
  • 💎 No framework to study
  • 💡 Less time spent in docs
  • 🧰 Mangled & Extremely small CSS
  • 🤘 No purge needed
  • 🚀 Components, Variables, Custom selectors
  • 📦 It can generate multiple CSS bundles

Also we have a page about what problems Stylify CSS solves and why you should give it a try!


First install the @stylify/bundler package using NPM or Yarn:

npm i -D @stylify/bundler
yarn add -D @stylify/bundler
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Also for the watch mode, we need to run two paralel tasks. This can be solved using concurrently:

yarn add -D concurrently
npm i concurrently
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Next, create a file, for example stylify.js:

const { Bundler } = require('@stylify/bundler');

const isDev = process.argv[process.argv.length - 1] === '--w';
const bundler = new Bundler({
  watchFiles: isDev,
  // Optional
  compiler: {
    mangleSelectors: !isDev,
    variables: {},
    macros: {},
    components: {},
    // ...

// This bundles all CSS into one file
// You can configure the Bundler to bundle CSS for each page separately
// See bundler link bellow
        files: ['./src/**/*.html', './src/**/*.ts'],
        outputFile: './src/styles.css',

    // You can also split css for each component
    // You can map files within the components using content comment option
    // Stylify takes that option and searches for defined files. If defined file
    // also has an option, id check also those files and so long.
    // This way it maps all files and all dependencies.
        files: ['./src/app/app.component.*'],
        outputFile: './src/app/app.component.css',

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If you don't use splitting and everything will not bundled into the styles.css, then don't forget to add paths to css files.

The last step is to add scripts into the package.json:

"scripts": {
    "dev": "concurrently 'yarn' 'ng serve -c development'",
    "prod": "yarn & ng serve",
    "": "node stylify.js",
    "": "node stylify.js --w"
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In production, you will get optimized CSS and mangled html:

<h1 class="font-size:24px color:#dd0031 font-family:arial">
Hello World!
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Stackblitz Playground

Go ahead and try Stylify CSS + Angular on Stackblitz.


The examples above doesn't include everything Stylify can do:

Feel free to checkout the docs to learn more 💎.

Let me know what you think!

If you like the idea, let me know that by starring Stylify repo ❤️.

I will also be happy for any feedback! The Stylify is still a new Library and there is a lot of space for improvement 🙂.

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