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Miguel Piedrafita
Miguel Piedrafita

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What are the best options for creating a community?

I'm trying to build a community where teenagers who code can share their experiences, collaborate and help each other.

For me, the best alternative it's a forum, and I've researched into Discourse, Flarum, etc. but I'm curious to see what other alternatives are out there.

I don't want to use Slack or Discoud, because in a "linear discussion" help requests and opinions are often lost in the middle of a conversation.

What other options are out there for communities?

PS: Yeah, I know building a community is very hard, but that's another discussion :)

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Andrés Pérez • Edited

You might find this lecture useful (I did).

These days forums are not as popular as before (I got into programming because of forums, imagine that haha), devs I know use Slack and/or Discord all the time (mostly Slack), but you also have to be realistic and see if there's a value in creating a forum for teenagers to share their experiences (i.e. why would a teenager look for advice in a teenagers forum instead of asking a senior dev).

I would suggest you try find at least 50 people who might be interested in a community such as yours, then try building it. The issue with communities is that nobody wants to be in an empty community, if you're one of the first members and there are no topics, messages or whatever chances are, you're going to get the wrong (often times right) impression of the community.

Let me know how it goes! I checked your GitHub, that's some impressive activity :D