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Hacktoberfest 2019 swag list

m1guelpf profile image Miguel Piedrafita Originally published at miguelpiedrafita.com on ・3 min read

Every October, DigitalOcean organizes Hacktoberfest, a program encouraging you to contribute to open-source projects (and rewarding you with stickers & a super cool shirt). Multiple organizations will also give you swag if you contribute to their repositories on Hacktoberfest. Like last year, here's a list of all the organizations I've been able to find this year:

I strongly encourage you to participate. You don't even need to know how to code, in most cases fixing a typo in the documentation or adding examples to the README will be enough to get you some nice stickers.

Have fun, and happy Hacktoberfest!

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👋 Hi! I'm an 18-year-old who loves to make stuff


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Small correction: the hacktoberfest challenge is only 4 PRs not 5. So even easier 😅


Hi all, if you're into Kubernetes, Go, or container security, Aqua Security is also having a great Hacktoberfest campaign blog.aquasec.com/aqua-open-source-.... Feel free to ping me on Twitter (@itaysk ) if you have any questions


Are they deliver swags and goodies to any country like India or is it limited to some countries?


Varies from organization to organization, mostly they deliver all around the globe, but some organizations have limited delivery countries like Globo.com delivers only in Brazilian territory


The QMK project (OSS firmware for custom mechanical keyboards) is also giving away shirts!