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Exit the Routine

Mik Seljamaa 🇪🇪
Open for pair programming.
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Humans, long obsessed with stressing others have become addicted to routines. Their only perceptible escape from this prison, as it seems to them, is the one of avoiding discomfort and then getting into patterns of behaviour that keep them locked. This seems true even if the behaviour is interrupted, whether by a reward or a punishment. Humans “bespelled” in this way feel a need to keep repeating the same cycle of life while mustering false hopes of gaining a better outcome. There is much drudgery with the expectation that there will be some sudden reward that occurs due to unpredictable yet guessable causes, which would relieve them of their condition. None have so far succeeded. This vicious cycle keeps people imprisoned. And there is no magic routine to emancipate them.
A small number may even take advantage of this addiction to the old routine. While they think that they have succeeded, they have only taken part in a bigger routine and are just as shackled to the system of control as those they feel to be ruling over by fear, coercion and aggression. The ignorance of this fact takes them into an even deeper level of blindness than those they blind with the routines of lies and shocks. They too suffer from blindness to personal short-comes of intellect.

An Itch to Overcome

People get stressed, lose the ability to perceive their stress and their over all situation. Then they pour that stress onto others, releasing more stress in turn. The problem repeats again. And so on.
Stress may also be channelled into hedonistic pursuits which turns out to be dangerous when people are stressed because stress turns off higher cognitive functions and metacognition and tones down intellectual capacities in general which are needed to get out of an addiction to pleasures.
So one is then blind to the problem itself. Anosognosia follows. No awareness of the illness ever gives hints of its presence.
Over the success of new social media technologies users get chronic ambient stress and lose interest to overcome their real social problems.

Blindness to the Truth

There is still, even after the Matrix series, a lack of sufficient cultural focus on Awakening from the Matrix of Stress. All too tightly it shackles creativity, intellectual capacities, deliberate learning and divergent thinking, as well as education, it subdues humanity.

In addition to this double blindness there are no visible mechanisms for an exit… In fact the exit itself is impossible via any procedure or routine. These would just be further methods to follow, to master and perfect.



  • NO STORY TO EXPOSE THE TRUTH – The Matrix IS just a parable
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The Harsh Truth

A Shift in Mindset and the five sets of skills of metalearning are the answers for the Way Out . So if there is no exit, how come some people do see it? Why can they sometimes walk towards it and yet find it difficult to cross through the portal?
There is no easy answer out of the Matrix of Stress. However it does not have to be easy… or simple. It just has to be achievable.

The Matrix of Stress and SICD

The main cause of stress in relationships are aggression and fear, this duality perpetuates without a proper channelling of conflict.
When we begin to see the difference between the novelty heavy and the familiarity heavy and act to rebalance the equation we get to hack into this social programming that captivated humans into a form of rut for so long. Of course it would now be easy to either add routines to the existing ones or escape them entirely - to freedom.
[To castigate the dark triad as the main beneficiary of this set up and vilify the public as their cronies would just add to problems and cause us difficulties further on. That would just double the efforts needed to free their minds!]

What is the Solution?

Just telling the story of the problem and its solution does not start people on the journey. No one would get out. It is not that we do not know and need to be told a secret. We know! You know it! You have known it for your whole life!
In fact people are so inert in their ‘running wheels’ that they would fight to maintain that status quo.
So the way I see it.
The solution is
2. META-LEARNING – self-regulation skills, social skills, general cognitive skills, creative skills and EQ altogether this forms 50 skills and around a 200 methods for training these.
3. Freeing Minds rather than assuming mind control

Results So Far

Higher cognitive functions return as does serenity, in just a few months of meditation and coherence biofeedback.
A disciplined practice of mentoring or having an Imaginary Friend as a thought experiment work to bring about a self-awareness and a loop of self observing the experience in the present moment.
While the practice of self-awareness can lead to metacognition and analysis we are still in the early stages of mapping out this territory.
Self-awareness can, rather rapidly, bring about a loss of a sense of self and hence can take you down the rabbit hole of Flow.
Among higher cognitive functions fluid intelligence, ideation, insights and inductive thinking are the prizes par none.

Where to apply?

An exit is not enough we want to see the results too.
To see the world via the insights of programming and to create solutions via programming would be one possible path. Art, biotech, science, tech, engineering, maths are other avenues to pursue.
Computer science is fast being transformed by machine learning and we are now at the cusp of a new beginning.
EFFECTIVE DELIVERY to see the problem and to solve it is within our grasp.

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