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🔥🕺🏼 JavaScript Visualized: Hoisting

Lydia Hallie on November 20, 2019

Hoisting is one of those terms that every JS dev has heard of because you googled your annoying error and ended up on StackOverflow, where this per...
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Your GIFs are on point! Very good article. I think most of us know or have heard about hoisting but this makes it totally clear in my head now. Keep up the good work!

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Luka Vidaković

It's a nice refreshment to see gifs that break up the text to digestible chunks while also helping with the visualization. Keep it up!

Hoisting is often explained as putting variables and functions to the top of the file

I can see why it's described that way to some extent. Parser needs to go over the whole file/script, and it only does something meaningful with functions, and vars at first. So at the top of the file, very first line, you already have the access to those identifiers.

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Lydia Hallie Author

It’s just important to understand that the parser is not actually physically moving them to the top - as some people like to explain it

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Luka Vidaković

Yup I agree. Semantically it only makes difference with vars, but you descriptions are to the point 👌

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Shafkathullah Ihsan

Testing comment UI...

Thread Thread
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Shafkathullah Ihsan • Edited

2Testing comment UI...

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Jimi Friis • Edited

It's such a simple thing to explain when looking at yours.. I wonder why so many teach the "Hoisting is often explained as putting variables and functions to the top of the file" - perhaps that's what they learned; perhaps it is the fallacy of thinking "people won't understand because it's complex".
If someone would have asked me to explain hoisting before reading this article I would fall back on that explanation but not really knowing why; now I know better! I have quite good understanding of javascript (for being a mostly C# developer - learning react) and like to know what is going on, one of my favorites in the JS world to read and listen to is Kyle Simpson ('You don't know JS' , + 'Yet') - he is awesome , but you know what.. you, Lydia, are fantastic teacher and a ⭐ on the same sky as Kyle.

I hope you take this advantage to a next level and produce courses on Udemy and/or Pluralsight - I think you could make a fortune (or at least some extra cash) on it 😄

Keep it up 💚 !

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Matija X

That's reason I love this site. I just learn JS and term hoisting was unknown for me until this moment. I read text above and resolve my doubts. Thx!

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Michael Lefkowitz

Love this entire collection, Lydia. Shared them all in my react native newsletter

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Nam Kwon

Great article! What about const function? ex. const sum = (x,y) => x+y

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You may consider it as the "hoisting variable const" situation.

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Islam Hanafi Mahmoud

First things first, thank you Lydia for this amazing topic. and I've a question regarding using let.

I think let variables is initialized to with undefined. but due to being in temporal zone it's value is inaccessible.

I tried

let x;
console.log(x); // resulting >> undefind

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Shahriar Saleh Fahim

It results undefined because you have initialized the variable 'x' already but haven't defined the variable with any value. This is why it prints out undefined.

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Saurabh Ranjan

Very informative article with amazing GIFs.

How you created these GIFs. Is there any tool or created those animations first than converted to GIFs.

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Hi, Lydia~ Very nice articles~ Can I translate this series articles into Chinese, I'll keep the original links~

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Saurabh Daware 🌻

Thank you for explaining how it works internally "var brings variables to top" totally makes sense now!

Thank you for sharing! deserves a lot of 🦄🦄🦄

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Daniel Jakobian

love all of your articles, keep up the great work!

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Rahul Pandit

so interesting explanation

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Zexu Knub

Thank You so much that actually cleared what hoisting really is

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Edwin Wong

Well Explained! Keep up for the work you have done!!

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Kevin-Kelly Kröger

Lydia you cleared everything what was gibberish before. Really enjoying reading your articles. Keep it up :).

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Tiago A

JS Developers that use only arrow functions do not understand hoisting.

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Matheus Barone

Awesome content, and really clean explanation.

Thanks for that, and keep up the good work!

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Thanks, Lydia for a simplified & awesome GIF representation.

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Kashyap Patel

How did you make these visualizations?

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Thanks for visualization, perfect! :)

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Priyanka Singh

Very helpful and to the point!

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Kingdom Orjiewuru

Hi Lydia, please what tool did you use for the visualizations?

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Wow, that's a great article.I want to translate your article into Chinese so that more people can see it.Do you agree with me to do this?

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Saleem Malik

Would you like to share how you prepared this gif?