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Honeycomb-lx2k - Second day

The Honeycomb-lx2k is a nice board with lots of potential, beside the boot/reboot quirk I mentioned in the previous post.

I do wonder if what I got is defective, hopefully I'll get some reply from the manufacturer later this week.

Yesterday I installed on it Gentoo and it built everything as should so it seems working well at least as development board.

$ qlop clang
2020-06-01T20:31:43 >>> sys-devel/clang: 48′54″
2020-06-02T10:28:35 >>> sys-devel/clang: 34′11″

The first one when build clang while building gcc in parallel, the second one building clang alone.

Building a new kernel

I want to use on this machine few software that requires some kernel features:

  • portage: It uses namespaces to sandbox the build process
  • lxd: It uses cgroups, a number of networking features (veth, macvlan), namespaces and few netfilter modules get handy.
  • docker: It uses more or less the same kernel features.
  • wireguard: It needs few networking options to be really useful.

None of that is available and most of it cannot be built as module.

According to what I could see from the image builder the kernel sources in use aren't mainline.

$ git clone
$ git checkout -b LSDK-20.04-V5.4 refs/tags/LSDK-20.04-V5.4

Its default config is assembled by merging few defaults:

./scripts/kconfig/ arch/arm64/configs/defconfig arch/arm64/configs/lsdk.config $ROOTDIR/configs/linux/lx2k_additions.config

After this, I just issued the usual

$ make menuconfig
$ make all -j 20
$ make modules_install
$ make install

And then I updated extlinux/extlinux.conf accordingly.
I did not change the device tree file so no strange dances with u-boot-tools were needed.

Coming next

I'll have to complete some more configuration but it is fairly standard and not so interesting.

Soon I'll run some benchmarks to see how rav1e is behaving on a many-cores Aarch64 since Vibhoothi is merging in some interesting asm optimizations from dav1d and they will appear on the release 0.4.0.

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