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My Experience after 2.5 years on my first job as a Web Designer

lurb3 profile image lurb3 ・2 min read

It all start in 2016, 25 November.

4 Months after finishing up my graduation I landed my first job in the industry, I started working as a web designer in a small company.

It was a very good experience for my first job. I had to learn a lot and quite fast.

I started by re-designing the company's website and some optimizations to the SEO.

1 Year and a half in the company

It was very exciting but after one year and a half everything started to change. By this time I was starting to work with a lot of things unrelated to my professional career.

My role was Web Designer and at this time I was working as a digital marketeer, cable managment, printer technician, TI guy, content writer, photographer and so on.

The career path on this company was changing for me. My learning curve was dropping really fast and I had too much work for one person. I barely touched code by this time.

2 Years in the company

After 2 years on this company I found my real passion, Web Development. Since then I've been learning a lot about web development at home after work.

I've applied for some jobs but failed most of them because i didn't have a good professional background.

My boss found out about this and he started to get a bit upset. He started blaming me for everything that was not going so well in the company even if it wasn't directly connected to me.

2 Years and a half in the company

Now I feel more secure about my knowledge, even though I still feel I'm not that good but I am moving forward.

I haven't found another company yet but it really is the time to get going. I feel that I am not being too much productive because of the bad environment that has settled in.

It was a good experience

It was a good experience for a first time. I learned a lot about different subjects and how to deal with people but I was also stuck in my technology stack.

I now want to change my career path. I'll be following my dream to become a web developer. I am going to disappoint a lot of people but my time at this company has reached the end.

Sorry for the long post :)

Photo by Jiyeon Park on Unsplash

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