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7 Open Source AI projects to code faster in 2023 🧑‍💻🚀

It's 2023. You should be at least 50% more productive than last year with all the AI tools that came up.

Here are 7 open-source tools that you can add to your development workflow to be faster and more productive. These tools go from simple code completion, to full fledged app builders.

Feel free to explore these projects, contribute to your favorites, and support them by starring their repositories.🌟

Cat let's do this

🤖 continue

If you've used the Cursor editor, Continue is the closest to what you can get in open-source.

Continue serves as an open-source code copilot, acting as an IDE extension that integrates into VS Code and JetBrains.

It facilitates autocompletion, answers coding queries, enables editing in natural language, file generation from scratch, and debugging errors/exceptions. It employs GPT-4 and GPT-3.5-turbo via the OpenAI API but is configurable to use other LLM.

A cool feature is its error understanding functionality which, when triggered, throws the stack trace into Continue to explain the issue to the user​.

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🏎️ gpt-pilot


GPT Pilot helps expedite app development by 20x.

You define your app idea, and GPT Pilot handles the rest—setting up the environment, coding, and even seeking your review after each task.

It's like having a coder to handle the legwork while you oversee the project.

This project explores GPT-4's potential in creating production-ready apps, with the belief that AI can handle 95% of the code, while developers cover the remaining 5% (till we achieve full AGI​1​ at least).

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📝 auto-commit

auto-commit is a super simple CLI tool that will auto-generate commit messages for you. Not the biggest game-changer, but that's something less to think about!

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🏗️ ChatDev

ChatDev is like a virtual software company run by AI agents embodying various roles—from CEOs to programmers, all collaborating to "revolutionize the digital world through programming." It offers a customizable, extendable framework based on LLMs, ideal for exploring collective intelligence.


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🧑‍🚀 TabbyML

Tabby is a self-hosted AI coding assistant, presenting an open-source and on-premises alternative to GitHub Copilot. Its key features include being self-contained with no need for a DBMS or cloud service, an OpenAPI interface for easy integration with existing infrastructure like Cloud IDEs, and support for laptop GPUs.


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🛜 localpilot

localpilot is a local proxy that allows you to use the native GitHub Copilot with local open-source models such as Mistral-7b or CodeLlama. By plugging directly into the native GitHub copilot extension, you can easily switch between models if they don't satisfy your needs.

This also allows you to use GitHub Copilot offline (finally!).


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More AI projects

📈 llmonitor


If you're building an LLM-powered app, you need to a way to monitor your queries and track costs.

LLMonitor helps you with just that.

LLMonitor helps AI devs monitor their apps in production, with features such as:

  • 💵 Cost, token & latency analytics
  • 👪 Track users
  • 🐛 Traces to debug easily
  • 🔍 Inspect full requests
  • 🏷️ Label and export fine-tuning datasets
  • 🖲️ Collect feedback from users
  • 🧪 Unit tests & prompt evaluations (soon)

It also designed to be:

  • 🤖 Usable with any model, not just OpenAI
  • 📦 Easy to integrate (2 minutes)
  • 🧑‍💻 Simple to self-host (deploy to Vercel & Supabase)

Ready to take your app to prod?

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🍥 swirl


Swirl, is a search platform that changes how you interact with your data.

Think of it as ChatGPT explicitly tailored for your unique datasets. Whether it's notes, code snippets, PDF files, or emails, Swirl is your go-to platform for instant, AI-driven insights.

Features that set Swirl apart:

  • Universal Search: Seamlessly search through notes, codes, docs, databases, emails, chats, logs, and more.
  • Versatile Answer Formats: Get responses in ChatGPT, BingAI, or Bard styles.
  • Time Saver: Become more efficient with instant answers, turning Swirl into your ultimate knowledge companion.
  • Personal AI-Powered Knowledge Assistant: You can build a secure, searchable knowledge base for your company, startup or personal data.

Ready to explore?

🌟 Give Swirl a ⭐️ on GitHub!

Do you know how any other tool that boosts developer productivity? share it in the comments so everyone can check it out :)

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Really nice list - thanks for sharing!

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Great list. Thank you for sharing @vincelwt

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Méhluli Hikwa

Great list. Another cool AI is codeium which can integrate with VSCode - code refractoring, completion and so much more

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Awesome list! Thank you for sharing!

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Thanks @nevodavid, love your lists as well 🚀

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Excellent article, I 💖 all the projects listed here.

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Interesting list thanks for sharing...

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