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Developers, you NEED a designer.

When developing websites and software, developers can sometimes focus on the technicalities of it too much instead of the design and look of the software. At the end of the day the user needs to like to use your project. So if this is you, maybe it's time to reach out to a designer for a good price.

Recently I tried fiverr. You may have heard of it. It's a website where freelancers offer their services as 'gigs'.

I had heard about it and watched some YouTube videos of people using it but I'd never tried it myself. Have you?

So let me tell you my experience. I've been working on a Progressive Web app that I felt needing a bit of a face lift. So I decided to hire a designer to come up with a design. I'll tell you my experience and see if its something you also want to try too. I'll give you 10% off your first gig so you can save the dollar.

Let's go

I first went to and was a little disappointed that people were not just charging a FIVER. That was a minor disappointment, but the website seems to offer a lot of services.

I typed in 'design UI' and I found one that was reasonably priced for my budget. The designer I chose was ahsanali0332. I messaged him to see how much it would be and if it was possible to redesign my app. We agreed a offer of 4 pages for £17.

I sent over screenshots of my current website along with some other information about the app and the functionality. And he was off. In just over a day and a half he replied with a figma file with a dark and light mode version of the app. Amazing. To be honest I was surprised about the speed. And I think you'd find that in your experience too.

I asked for a few tweaks and within a day he made the changes and sent over an updated Figma file. This designer was incredible. I was very happy with the service and happy with the design.
We were good to go.

We had a design which looked good and definitely was a face lift from the previous version of the app. There were some UX issues that he had offered solutions for which I knew would make a big boost to the site.

So now we have a design.

Happy customer

I found that, now I had something to work towards, it helped me to create the components and visualise the app. Within a day or so I had created one of the pages of new design using the new visuals. Now the app home page felt fresh and ready. I could have just worked on my own design but if you are anything like me, I design on the go.
I make a small tweak and then maybe another and I just design as I go. Not ideal.

So, Developers, for £17 I was able to get a good design and then using the figma file which I used to see the fonts used, the colours and the spacing. I'm pretty happy with my experience of Fiverr and I've used a few times now with different gigs.

What has been your experience of Fiverr?

What about you?

Thank you for reading and to get you started you can get 10% off your first order using the links in this article. If you don't like it, no worries, leave a comment.

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True that. I feel that no matter how much you want to be good at everything, we should also seat back and focus on the things we are good at. People can then consult us and we can ask others, also interacting with the community at the same time. And to be honest, The only thing I can draw which is commendable is a stickman ✔.

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Luke Cartwright

Yeah, we can't do everything and opening up a project to get extra help is useful. Fiverr has been a great experience for me. I could even maybe look into a developer to build a feature who has more experience than me.

Have you used fiverr to delegate?

wjplatformer profile image

not really. But in thee future, I might!

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Luke Cartwright

I highly recommend. You could start small (£10-£20) just to test the water